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About Annata

Annata is a global organization headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland. Based on our deep and longstanding expertise in the automotive, heavy equipment, and industrial machinery sectors, we provide a fully integrated business management solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise, Power Bl, and Azure.

As one of a handful of top global Microsoft partners, we deliver a solution that is deeply embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem, providing functionality that helps manufacturers, distributors, dealers, rental companies and fleet operators to deal with the industry pains and to transform their existing operations and processes to adapt to and embrace new technologies like loT, machine learning, and the Cloud.


The name: Annata

Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, and Italian wines are known worldwide for their broad variety.

In Italy, "Annata" represents a good year of harvest a proper vintage wine of excellent quality



Our Saga

Annata’s Nordic backbone, the stark contrasts in the unforgiving but spectacular nature, the long dark winters and blinding summers and the hard skinned but adaptable people, these are the building blocks we grow from. This is our saga.

Before Microsoft’s acquisition of Navision and Damgaard in Denmark, the two ingenious Danish ERP software companies had reached unprecedented heights in market share in the Nordics. Hundreds of VAR’s and ISV’s had helped create the success which in 2002 became the backbone in Microsoft’s entry into the Business Solutions market.

Annata’s roots lie here, in the early development of the Danish pioneer’s ERP solutions, enriching and deepening the functionality for specific customers and industry segments. In the early 90’s the people of Annata started designing and building software solutions for automotive and heavy machinery companies, which later became the focal point of Annata.

Since the launch of Microsoft Business Solutions and Dynamics AX (Axapta), Annata’s mission has been to create industry vertical solutions for automotive, equipment (heavy machinery, agriculture, forestry), rental and fleet companies around the world.

Serving partners and customers who believe in Microsoft Dynamics AX as their future proof ERP platform for continued success has been our driving force and path to success.

This has delivered three consecutive certified major-versions of Annata 365 for Dynamics (former known as Annata Dynamics IDMS) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operation to customers in countries all around worldwide. Our reach is unparalleled through the tens of thousands of experts within the Microsoft Partner Network. Our local, regional and global customers are already a great testimony to what a smart and fitting solution accompanied with clever partners and people can deliver in all corners of the world.

Story of Annata

  • 2017 IBRL acquisition, increase focus in UK.
  • 2017 Going into the cloud Dynamics 365 announcement, re branding to Annata 365 for Dynamics.
  • 2015 Annata CEE, Chile, South Africa and Australia new offices open– Annata Dynamics IDMS 7 for AX7 is launched. Mobile Mechanic App released, Annata starts to work on Annata Dynamics DMS in CRM.
  • 2014 Annata Dynamics IDMS for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is released. US/CA offices open.
  • 2013– The upgraded and certified Annata Dynamics IDMS 2012 R2 version is released. We open our office in Malaysia.
  • 2011/2012– Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is released to market in September and the upgraded and certified Annata Dynamics IDMS version is released by the end of the year. Annata Dynamics IDMS 2012 is paving the same road as the platform software. Everything is new, or so it seems. Now Microsoft Dynamics AX and Annata Dynamics IDMS 2012 is fit for the largest enterprises.
  • 2009/2010– The general interest for Microsoft Dynamics AX pushes the attention of Annata IDMS into new territories. A new balance between core software development and industry vertical advisory services is brought to bear by the strengthened offices in Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain and international sales are now supported by the Hong Kong sales office. At the same time the focus goes more on BI functionality, role centers and increase web functionality.
  • 2008– Microsoft Dynamics AX version 2009 (8th major release) is released to market in June and the upgraded and certified Annata Dynamics IDMS version is released to market in September same year. This version lays the foundation for sales to larger enterprises and supports many more trade models within the automotive, heavy machinery and agricultural sectors, including fleet and rental.
  • 2007– Annata Dynamics IDMS for Microsoft Dynamics AX version 4.0 is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX (CfMD), hence becomes the first industry vertical software to achieve the accreditation. Consequently, partners and customers in N & S America, throughout Europe, in S-Africa and Australasia take the product to market making this year the most important one to date.
  • 2006– Microsoft Dynamics AX version 4.0 is released and within a month the Annata Dynamics IDMS upgrade is released to market.
  • 2005– First installations of Annata Dynamics IDMS for Microsoft Dynamics AX a reality. Preparations for the first major upgrade and certifications are introduced.
  • 2004– Version 1.0 of Annata Dynamics IDMS for Dynamics AX version 3.0. Designed for international use it is introduced to customers in the Nordics and the Great Britain.
  • 2003– The initial transition from VAR to ISV takes place and the IDMS raw material is built.
  • 2002– Microsoft Dynamics AX version 3.0 released which becomes the platform for the first Annata Dynamics IDMS vertical solution.
  • 2001– Annata founded to accumulate expertise and experience in Axapta (later Microsoft Dynamics AX). 2000/2001 The first Axapta Automotive and equipment customers (2.1, 2.5)
  • 1990-1995 The first customers implementing Concorde XAL (predecessor to AX)