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Fleet Industry

Fleet Industry

A company’s fleet can be made up of many vehicle or equipment types, anything that needs to be tracked from initial purchase through to the date of disposal. The efficient management of the fleet is important to control costs whilst ensuring that the fleet is operated within the law and above all else, operated safely. A wide range of functions can be included in the definition of ‘fleet management’, including: financing, maintenance, telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, fuel management, health & safety management etc.

Business-specific solution




Different types of organisations will need different combinations of the functionality mentioned above, depending on the type of fleet that they are managing:

  • Leasing company ‘selling’ services to customers.
  • Own fleet of vehicles and/or equipment.
  • Cash fleet of cars (where the employee has been given a cash allowance to buy their own car).
  • Grey fleet of cars (where the employee uses their own car for business purposes).

 Annata 365 for FLEET is your business-specific solution.



Annata Dynamics IDMS, a General Overview


We develop and implement Annata 365 for Dynamics, a powerful Management Solution which is built as an add-on to Dynamics 365 for Operations and is specifically designed to support the automotive, equipment, rental and fleet industries.


We built Annata 365 for Dynamics to meet your needs and advance your business.

When your company stands before choosing a new business management solution, we are your trusted solution. A solution that can minimise your risk and maximise your value. We've got you fully covered.


How does it work?

Annata 365 for Dynamics is built as an add-on fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and uses the standard features of Dynamics 365 for Operations, as well as extensive additional features specifically designed to support your industry.

It handles all key business processes throughout the entire vehicle’s/equipment’s lifecycle and allows to analyse it in a simple and readable way using Annata Power BI.



Annata 365 for Dynamics is in use around the world and supports many of the larger and better known brands in the automotive, equipment, rental and fleet industries.

Annata 365 for Dynamics is always certified for Dynamics 365  for Operations on all new releases. The certification program ensures that Annata 365 for Dynamics is tested to work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It also certifies that the overall user experience is consistent and in line with Microsoft user experience guidelines, that the solution is fully documented and is accessible directly from the users working processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 at a Glance

Microsoft Dynamics 365, the base for Annata 365 for Dynamics, is an ERP software solution for multi-site, international enterprises. With comprehensive capabilities for financial, human resources, and operations management. Together with Annata 365 for Dynamics you have access to industry capabilities for automotive, equipment, rental and fleet organizations, it provides the agility you need to expand business opportunities, modify processes, and differentiate your business.

Pervasive interoperability allows you to take advantage of existing investments, lower the total cost of ownership (TCO), and support innovation in your organization. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be run in your datacenter or in the cloud.