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Dealer Management Solution

Dealer Management Solution

Annata 365 for Dealer is a modern, fully integrated solution for automotive and equipment dealerships.  It offers a broad range of features that support major processes within dealerships for vehicles and equipment for construction, agriculture and forestry.

The solution draws from years of experience and best practice knowledge gained from working with leading companies in the automotive and heavy machinery sector. 

The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, using the standard features of Dynamics 365 for Operations, as well as additional features specially designed to support the dealer industry.


  • Among the wide-ranging features the solution offers:
  • A user-friendly visual interface to configure vehicles/machines with options and accessories.
  • Multi-brand handling.
  • Use of specific interfaces to communicate and share information with importers.
  • A new/used vehicle/machine sales function that includes trade-in valuation, sales and purchase process as an integral part of the new/used vehicle sales function.
  • Extensive service and maintenance packages to improve levels of aftersales service.  These include maintenance scheduling and maintenance plans, resource planning, reviewing the service history of vehicles/machines and a claim handling system that´s integrated to service cases.

The solution handles all key business processes during the entire vehicle’s/machine's lifecycle and allows users to easily create reports and analysis by using pre-built data cubes that are designed to provide timely and valuable business information to analyze it in a simple and readable way with Annata Power BI.

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Annata 365 for Dealer brings many benefits for your business.  Including:

  • Having all most important processes supported within one ERP system increases transparency, data quality and increases understanding of the data context.  If you have old disparate systems that have supported your business, it will be a giant leap forward in terms of simplifying hardware infrastructure, maintenance and lowering your total cost of ownership.
  • Helps increase productivity in service.  Effective scheduling of resources, maintenance plans, material usage and an extensive claim handling system will  support you in providing excellent customer service and enables tight control on costs and revenue.
  • Open system architecture enables better interaction with other systems cross-company which leads to increased productivity gains, better data quality and more ease of interacting with your suppliers.

Improved performance and visibility – streamline operations, approach tasks and processes in a new and better way and at the same time increase your understanding of the driving factors behind your business.


  • Functional fit solution out of the box for your industry needs.
  • Facilitating your digital transformation.
  • Certified future proof solution through Microsoft Certified programs (CfMD).
  • Full integration of all key business processes driven by industry specific needs and developed by experts.
  • Mostly replacing high number of bespoke nonintegrated systems.
  • Process automation needs, work-flows and process alerts.
  • Strong references around the world to back claims.
  • Powerful, but easy to use analytic tools with Annata power BI.




When we searched the market, across all platforms, for a good Dealer Management Solution for our dealers we were very impressed with the industry functionality of the Annata 365 product and the business knowledge from Annata’s consultants. They stood out from the rest. Since starting the implementations at our dealers the involvement of Annata and the functionality of Annata 365 has proven our choice was the correct one and they have been a key part of the success.

Ray Baker , Chief Project Manager - Volvo Construction Equipment

The strongest measurement of value delivered can be seen against stock inventory - critical when you carry over 100,000 stock lines. We estimate that real time visibility dropped 15-20% of the total value of stock across the group - and this alone funded completely the entire implementation.


Michael Barrett, IT Manager - Power Farming

From the start, Annata's Dealer Management Solution solution had a great impact on the organization's daily operations. The speed of service has increased tremendously, as necessary information is only a click away.

Egill Jóhannsson, CEO - Brimborg

We now have the option to share more of the information with our dealers. They have online information about orders, stock… everything they need to know about the business.

Stamatis Chondroudakis , Information Services Manager - Saracakis

The Annata consultants are highly skilled, professional people with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business processes within our industry

Ruth McBride, Business Systems Manager - TBF Thompson

We have managed to achieve a very big cost-saving with the implementation of this new solution. One of the savings is that the company has been able to reduce the IT team because IT maintenance is easier overall.

Stamatis Chondroudakis, Information Services Manager - Saracakis