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Import & Wholesale Management Solution

Import & Wholesale Management Solution

Annata 365 for Importer & Wholesale is a modern, fully integrated solution for automotive and equipment importers.  It offers a broad range of features that support major processes within importers for vehicles and equipment for construction, agriculture and forestry.

The solution draws from years of experience and best practice knowledge gained from working with leading companies in the automotive and heavy machinery sector. 

The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, using the standard features of Dynamics 365 for Operations, as well as additional features specially designed to support the importer & wholesale industry.


Full functionality to control vehicle orders, shipment and distribution to the dealer network. Maintain excellent dealer relations through pre-delivery inspections, transfer tracking and fully integrated spare parts management – including emergency orders, ‘dirty’ returns and automated warranty claims process for both parts and vehicles.

Among the wide-ranging features the solution offers:

  • Vehicle forecast and purchase processes
  • Dealer web access
  • Spare parts purchase and sales process – with integrated returns


The solution handles all key business processes during the entire vehicle’s/machine's lifecycle and allows users to easily create reports and analysis by using pre-built data cubes that are designed to provide timely and valuable business information to analyze it in a simple and readable way with Annata Power BI.

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Annata 365 for Import & Wholesale brings many benefits for your business.  Including:

  • Collaborate with your dealers to improve end customer service.
  • Build a greater degree of effectiveness and efficiency into the supply chain.
  • Connect to your PDI partner, to authorities, transporters and more with ease.




  • Functional fit solution out of the box for your industry needs.
  • Facilitating your digital transformation.
  • Certified future proof solution through Microsoft Certified programs (CfMD).
  • Full integration of all key business processes driven by industry specific needs and developed by experts.
  • Mostly replacing high number of bespoke nonintegrated systems.
  • Process automation needs, work-flows and process alerts.
  • Strong references around the world to back claims.
  • Powerful, but easy to use analytic tools with Annata power BI.


It sends a strong message to us and our customer community, saying that we are reaping benefit from our focused investment in the right technology, the right partnerships and the right solutions. Annata 365 for Automotive has proven its point, the votes are in.

Thomas Joelsson, CIO - Hyundai Bilar AB