In today’s rapid technological evolution, smart devices have made a significant impact on consumer behaviour and these advancements in technology are now directly influencing key stakeholders in the healthcare industry to create more agile business strategies.

This creates a demand for the medical device industry to get a better understanding of their products through effective data-driven decision making with the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT.

Smarter medical devices and intelligent business processes that continually change through innovation also makes it prone to complexities with compliance and regulatory authorities.

To address these challenges, Annata has built a complete solution for businesses that rely on these advanced medical devices that is core of their business strategies.

JiwaMed is an end-to-end business management solution tailor made specifically for organizations that distribute, rent, maintain, and provide aftermarket services for medical devices / equipment.

Built on the digital intelligence of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and powered by Microsoft Azure, JiwaMed streamlines the core business processes involved in device management, sales management, and customer management.

End-to-End Medical Device Management Capabilities
through a highly secured, cloud-based solution.

Complete 'cradle-to-grave' device master data management.

Systematic approach to connecting people, process, and equipment.

Smart inspections and maintenance capabilities.

Data led inventory optimization.

Built-in industry compliance and regulatory management.

IR 4.0 based monitoring and traceability.

Enabling subscription-based businesses (MDaaS).

Enable a mobile workforce with edge computing capabilities.

Comprehensive business visibility through AI based smart dashboards.

Leveraging on Digital Solutions to Facilitate Business Agility.

Streamline business processes and workflows

Integrated operational systems and automated processes to facilitate inter-department communication for optimal activities management.

Derive business value from data insights

Agile digital tools to collect data and insights along the value chain to identify opportunities, spot trends and mitigate risks.

Enable faster decision making through emerging technologies

Artificial intelligence and machine learning to make decisions with real-time data intuitively showcased across multiple devices.

Create a highly resilient business network

Supply chain resiliency to build the foundation of excellent customer experience with enhanced and customized support.

Connect seamlessly to the cloud

Cloud solutions for seamless connectivity & end-to-end processes to build flexible value chains with mobile-friendly accessibility.

Ensure successful compliance management

Provides leading regulatory compliance management modules tailored for complex global operations.

Bespoke solutions for a range of businesses in Medical Device Management.

JiwaMed offers a powerful business management solution for medical device manufacturers to gain total visibility and control of all business processes that help sustain their competitive advantage in the healthcare industry.

Single business platform

The solution helps to integrate with various manufacturing software, legacy systems and backend systems which act as single point visibility.

Unified manufacturing system

Comprehensive solution that connects all the processes in manufacturing from product development to delivery of the end product to provide an end-to-end supply chain visibility for manufacturers.

Increased business transparency

Implement open book management practices that increase communication, create accountability, and provide better customer interactions.

JiwaMed enables medical device distributors to cover medical device industry specific needs throughout the entire lifecycle of the device and creates a customer centric approach in all areas of the medical device distributorship.

User-friendly visual interface

Simplified processes that eliminate extra clicks with improvements to ensure ease of use.

Gestión de dispositivos

Track all devices with a better 360-degree view and support various aftersales services through a device’s lifetime.

Engage and connect

JiwaMed’s open system architecture enables better interaction with other legacy or business solutions that increases productivity gains, better data quality and ease of interaction with manufacturers and distributors.

JiwaMed’s business management solution is designed specifically for medical device service partners that maintain, repair and service medical devices to streamline and automate business processes.

Integrated field service management

Improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity while delivering reliable service using advanced analytics, machine learning and IoT capabilities.

Automated business processes

Automate work orders, service agreements, service contracts and other time-consuming administrative tasks into a unified server that every team can easily access.

Reduce downtime and maximize uptime

Understand device behaviour better and perform maintenance events seamlessly by proactively repairing or replacing the device before it fails.

JiwaMed offers a comprehensive device-as-a-service business solution for medical device companies. JiwaMed facilitates businesses to manage subscription, leasing, or rental of the medical device in a single, integrated, all-in-one solution that covers all aspects of the rental.

Complete visibility

As an integrated platform, JiwaMed provides full visibility of a device and leasing portfolio as well as comprehensive reporting and analysis tools to manage all the rental processes.

Real-time information

Provides a real-time view of the availability and conditions of the device so the businesses can optimize the utilization of the device.


JiwaMed allows businesses to charge end user based on the real consumption which benefits both parties.

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