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Annata 365 Rental Solution

Annata 365 Rental is a management solution fully integrated with Dynamics 365 F&O, using the standard features of Dynamics 365, as well as additional features specially designed to support the equipment, tools, automotive, and industrial rental companies. These ‘stackable’ solutions allow different rental models to leverage different Annata solutions.

The solution handles all key business processes in the lifecycles of vehicles and equipment from cradle-to-grave. It provides the ability to automate repetitive tasks and allows you to focus on increasing revenue in your business and strengthening customer relationships. Annata 365 Rental management is built for rental and built to grow with your business. Empower your organization to create personal and differentiated omnichannel rental experiences while achieving operational efficiency.


Effectively search for available rental asset based on rental item categories along with a display of their accompanying prices and linked items.

Quick and easy drag-drop calendar to graphically view all the reservations against the rental devices according to filter and group them by criteria in the header such as location, rental asset group, class, and model.

Rental orders support renting of both individual equipment and creation of bundles for items to be rented together. Users can link multiple accessories to the rental asset and determine whether they are mandatory, optional, or non-chargeable during contract creation.

Bill the customers effectively by period (Monthly/weekly/Daily) or by usage (Km/Hr) or even by the combination of both. There is great flexibility for users to charge customers based on different rate brackets such as 1-day/2-day/1-week/monthly/yearly rate depending upon the rental period.

When the rental item is delivered directly from a third party to the customer, a purchase agreement can be generated to invoice suppliers in accordance with the invoices generated to customers.

Annata supports a variety of options for periodic invoicing. For instance, users can choose to be invoiced monthly using the weekly rate. The system processes multiple invoices quickly and pushes the postings directly into your sales or purchase ledger.

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