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Annata Medical Device Management solution

Annata 365 is a comprehensive business management solution tailor-made for medical device industry manufacturers, importers, distributors, healthcare providers, and service partners to ensure that the processes required to move a medical device along the value chain are flexible, agile and meet all specific demands such as warranty claims, spare parts management and servicing, along with the ability to add new business models and evolve as the market changes.

Our comprehensive solution is built from listening to the needs of healthcare industry professionals from around the world and our dedicated team develops solutions that enable medical device manufacturers, importers, distributors, healthcare organizations, and service providers to embrace digital transformation in medical technology with the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics.


JiwaMed provides globally applicable requirements for the Unique Device Identification (UDI) implementation process. UDI is linked to the internal JiwaMed device number to provide a 360° view of medical devices.

Track, manage and monitor all warranty contracts, warranty terms and warranty periods related to medical devices during both sales and after-sales processes.

Apart from standard storage management features, users can enjoy the integration with a complete manufacturer spare part catalogue along with additional functions designed to improve parts handling.

Accelerate sales with the ability to provide device customizations and aftermarket engineering.

Enjoy secured monitoring and analysis of data transmitted from medical devices and wearables.


Enable service technicians to pick a service order and clock-in remotely with specialized mobile applications. Supervisors can now very precisely track all technician performance and hours worked.

Streamline resource management and allocate technicians quickly and instantly with a simple drag and drop.

Gain the highest return on the most critical assets. Identify maintenance needs, aftermarket services warranty repairs and/or device recalls in a single unified management system.

Seamlessly monitor and track the full-service history of each device including claims, recalls and maintenance parts.

Enable better visibility into the list of medical devices associated with a recall. The JiwaMed solution has capabilities to track and send recall reminders on a regular basis and enables full control of recall responses and reverse logistics, such as return of damaged components.

Turn data into interactive useful insights by connecting and visualising disparate data sources to improve business performance and share the information with anyone you want.

Enable medical field technicians to perform their day-to-day task remotely through their mobile devices. Field technician can easily view their job appointment and perform clock-in/out through the apps.

JiwaMed is a complete technological platform that enables businesses to utilize a new business model, device as a service, which allows for the renting of medical devices to customers and charging them by device usage.

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