Annata 365 + IoT & machine learning

Annata 365 + IoT & Machine Learning

Improving Business Operations and Increasing Customer Satisfaction In The Rental Sector 

How a multi-brand dealer and rental company increased in efficiency with Annata’s IoT add on features.  

It is no surprise that the Internet of things (or IoT) is here to stay. It has helped connect us to tools that we use daily and throughout the years, it has seamlessly integrated technology with human culture. IoT capabilities seem to be growing faster and smarter while adopting to new platforms. The possibilities seem endless with IoT, from consumer electronics to industry specific solutions. 

Rental businesses are no strangers to the IoT technology adaptations as well. Its most commonly used in tracking its equipment utilization, keeping the equipment’s well maintained and organizing the billing system for the rental equipment. Many rental businesses are now replacing legacy systems with new and innovative platforms that better understands customer behavior to make better packaged deals while monitoring the performance of rental vehicles. Raw data processed from IoT initiatives can receive information (such as device usage, location, energy consumption and fault codes) to be used to trigger business processes. 

One perfectly good example to look at is how a rental company based in Iceland leveraged on Annata‘s software to harness data (with the use of IoT) from their connected vehicles to improve their business efficiently. The rental company that has over 1,100 devices that are used daily. They aimed to be warranty compliant on all their vehicles with plans to maximize the value of each vehicle when it is sold. To get this done, the company worked with another local IoT company to install an IoT meter to all their rental devices.  

Why was this done? 

The company noticed an increase in tourists that were interested in renting their cars to drive to remote areas to catch a glimpse of the iconic northern lights. These remote areas are hard to get to and driving conditions can be rough especially with small vehicles. With the use of IoT components, the rental company was able to track the performance and location of each device.  Annata then provided the rental company with an all in one immersive dashboard with all the information derived from the IoT meters from each vehicle and allowed the rental company to automate the work order creations, job lists and other rental processes using the information provided by the IoT meters. 

IoT that has fully leveraged within a rental operation creates a transformation inside the rental company which extracts rich data coming from the machine and analyzes it against service history and OEM created service bulletins for that device. This doesn’t happen automatically, but modern rental management systems can be configured to employ predictive maintenance. 

Using the Annata 365 for Rental solution, the company was able to get information in real time, each vehicle with service request notifications sent to the fleet managers before each device is scheduled for servicing and makes every vehicle more reliable when with fewer breakdowns. Fleet managers also managed to successfully eliminate the risk of any device missing a service visit. Customers receive detailed information, periodical notifications of service requests so service agents don’t have to manually make calls for service visits. 

By combining Annata‘s solutions with IoT technology, the company was able to set a new standard in increasing the speed of servicing devices  and optimizing the organizations daily operations. 

The rental business is ultimately a people business. Extracting these values with IoT is essential in scaling up the rental operations. Successful rental organizations are those who can capture and leverage on these big data values to maximize the efficacy of the service teams. 

If you are running a rental business and looking to streamline your rental operations with the use of IoT and machine learning, Annata 365 with Dynamics 365 offers solutions that manages the equipment’s lifecycle and integrates all key business processes. The Annata team is passionate about the rental industry and is committed to providing the best tools and solutions to help manufacturers, dealers and rental organizations operate efficiently and effectively engage with their customers. 

Annata consists of highly motivated professionals, who through creativity, collaboration and commitment, help customers excel in their business. Annata has worldwide presence with offices in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and an extensive distribution network on all continents. 

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