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We equip consultants and developers with all the tools needed to successfully deploy and implement Annata 365 with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and excel on pre-sales opportunities.


To support the efficient delivery and implementation of Annata 365 in the field, all our certified reselling partners have undergone thorough training on all aspects of the solution.

Each partner is obliged to have minimum four of their Dynamics 365 certified consultants (prerequisite is being certified in Dynamics 365 Trade & Logistics and Projects) to be trained during one full week of focused Annata 365 application training. Plus one pre-sales consultant. Additionally developers can take an Annata 365 specific development training. 

The training is a mixture of hands-on exercises and classroom lectures. Accompanied with a very thorough training material, user manuals, demo videos, help materials and various technical papers. Finalized with a certification exam.

Partner certification is also about developing the industry focus of the partner and to gear the management to understand, seek and acquire the industry specific opportunities in their markets. For this Annata offers a variety of workshops and focus groups for individual partners or groups of partners.

Be certified in only 5 days

The application training (5 days) goes over the following modules and processes:

  • Devices
  • Work Order Management
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty Claims
  • Parts Management
  • Contracts
  • Rentals
  • BI (Business Intelligence)

*The application training is aimed at consultants with good knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The Annata 365 for certification training follows a typical content and timeline but can be prioritized to fit specific needs of the partner.

The goal, however, is always the same; to equip consultants and developers to successfully deploy and implement Annata 365 for various types of Annata customers.