From siloed operations to harmonized workflows

Key industry drivers

The equipment industry deals with high-value machinery used in sectors like construction and agriculture. Its key differentiators include the demand for rental management, predictive maintenance, machinery customization, and varied safety regulations.


Efficient, durable, and reliable equipment


Advances in automation and digitalization


Sustainable and eco-friendly
production methods


Adherence to safety and performance standards

A glance at A365 for equipment businesses

Our extensive offering addresses every facet of the equipment industry- from manufacturing to distribution, sales, sustainability, warranty, service, and much more.

A365 embodies our commitment to providing industry-specific, end-to-end solutions, customized to navigate the complex terrain of today’s business environment. As a one-stop solution, A365 eliminates the need for multiple systems, eradicates shadow IT, and paves the way for seamless and automated operations.

 From production order processing in manufacturing to timesheet management in services, we’ve got you covered.

Revolutionize your equipment business with A365, steering operational excellence, customer engagement, and innovation in every drive.

Types of equipment businesses we support




Material handling equipment


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Craft seamless purchase experiences, strengthen brand credibility, and harness analytics to drive tailored customer interactions.

  • Design frictionless purchasing experiences for customers
  • Enhance brand credibility through transparent sales processes
  • Utilize analytics to personalize customer interactions
  • Employ data-driven insights to optimize sales strategies


Intensify adherence to standards, seamless communication, and advanced analytics for optimal after-sales efficiency.

  • Strengthen compliance with industry standards for quality service
  • Facilitate smooth communication channels for seamless interactions
  • Harness advanced analytics for data-driven service enhancements
  • Enhance after-sales efficiency through meticulous service strategies

Increase operational efficiency, customer experiences, and overall business success with comprehensive monitoring and analysis.

  • Enhance operational efficiency for optimized rental processes
  • Elevate customer experiences through personalized service
  • Employ comprehensive monitoring for data-driven insights
  • Drive business success by making informed strategic decisions

Achieve peak efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate customer interactions with streamlined online or offline processes.

  • Elevate customer interactions with hassle-free inspection experiences
  • Integrate both online and offline inspections for greater flexibility
  • Identify trends, enable proactive maintenance, and minimize downtime
  • Generate instant inspection reports to enhance transparency

Optimize customer experience, supplier ties, and cost efficiency for improved after-sales support and service excellence.

  • Streamline warranty processes to enhance customer experiences
  • Implement efficient claim procedures for quicker solutions
  • Strengthen partnerships with suppliers for seamless component access
  • Expedite service to reduce equipment downtime

Magnify sales, procurement, and warranty processing, while enhancing supply chain communication and after-sales success.

  • Boost sales activities through seamless portal access
  • Streamline procurement processes for swift operations
  • Simplify warranty processing for efficient handling
  • Enhance supply chain communication for seamless coordination

Gain real-time oversight of operations and foster seamless connections to OEMs, distributors, and customers.

  • Foster seamless interactions with OEMs and distributors
  • Streamline operations for enhanced efficiency and coordination
  • Achieve instant insights into operations for proactive decisions
  • Provide a robust platform for holistic dealer management

Digitize processes, ensure compliance, and enhance global supply chain collaboration for seamless import management.

  • Implement digital processes for efficient imports
  • Ensure adherence to import regulations and standards
  • Foster cooperation across the international supply chain
  • Optimize processes for effective import handling

Harness data-driven insights to streamline workflows, enhance decision-making, and offer tailored customer interactions.

  • Access immediate business insights via real-time data analysis
  • Craft role-specific dashboards for personalized insights
  • Leverage predictive models for informed decision-making
  • Perform comparative analysis for precise benchmarking


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Insights corner

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Forestry equipment global manufacturer selects Annata for company-wide digitization


Operating in forestry markets of more than 40 different countries, the manufacturer had an IT landscape that was complex, fragmented, and varied greatly between countries. As part of their future-proofing efforts, they needed a platform to bolster them as they navigated into the future, providing them with the flexibility required to digitize their entire business. 

Annata’s complete set of industry functionalities around the lifecycle of heavy equipment, the strength of the application and platform, as well as in-depth knowledge and vast experience within the industry were reasons why Annata was selected to support them along their transformation journey. 

Annata also displayed strong awareness of future capabilities specific to the manufacturer’s needs aside from proving a strong partnership with Microsoft. 

Annata’s flexibility, scalability, and capabilities to take on the ever-changing environment in the forestry manufacturing industry have since enabled the manufacturer to maintain a competitive edge digitally. 


Swiss agricultural equipment and machinery supplier accelerates cloud migration with Annata

Central Europe

As an existing customer of AX and Annata IDMS on-premise, the Swiss company decided to start its journey to the cloud in early 2020. Annata’s finance and operations solution was the core of the solution proposed to the company.  

Annata’s full suite of capabilities was implemented and included extensive device management functionalities that support the entire lifecycle of a machine encompassing imports, sales, and lifecycle management with service/work order management, warranty handling, parts management, and rental. 

In addition to a proven solution, Annata was the primary choice due to the strongly committed executive management team which is very much supportive of the strategic project goals.

The project enjoys a high focus at the executive management level and is supported by a strong change management approach aiming to avoid unnecessary customizations. 

The industry competence of the Annata implementation team was well equipped to mitigate challenges typically encountered when setting up new customer solutions in replace of their heavy customized “homegrown” solution.


Annata selected to digitally transform distribution channel of agricultural equipment manufacturer

Central Europe

With a primary focus on excellent product quality and outstanding customer service, the equipment manufacturer made a company-wide decision to shift their business process to the cloud using Dynamics 365 and Annata’s Finance & Operations solution. 

The solution was rolled out to several major markets within Europe and the Americas in a span of 3-4 years, before offering the industry template to their independent dealer network. Annata was selected as the preferred industry solution partner to move their on-premise solution within their headquarters to the cloud within three months, utilizing its extensive industry and digital competencies in the Annata team. 

As soon as Annata engaged with the equipment manufacturer, it was clear to them that the industry IP was key to their goal to digitally transform their distribution channel.

Coupled with finance and operations implementation expertise, the equipment manufacturer was confident that D365 with Annata was the best to provide industry knowledge to help them make the right process choices and a full set of industry functionalities around the full lifecycle of their equipment.