From fragmented operations to comprehensive automotive workflow

Key industry drivers

The automotive industry focuses on producing, selling, and servicing motor vehicles. Its uniqueness lies in its multi-tiered supply chain,
rapid technological advancements, and strict compliance with environmental and safety regulations.


Development of sustainable,
eco-friendly technologies.


Compliance with evolving
emission norms and


Market differentiation through innovation and design production.


High production efficiency and supply chain optimization.

A glance at A365 for automotive businesses

Our extensive offering addresses every facet of the automotive industry- from manufacturing to distribution, sales, sustainability, warranty, service, and much more.

A365 embodies our commitment to providing industry-specific, end-to-end solutions, customized to navigate the complex terrain of today’s business environment. As a one-stop solution, A365 eliminates the need for multiple systems, eradicates shadow IT, and paves the way for seamless and automated operations.

From production order processing in manufacturing to timesheet management in services, we’ve got you covered.

Revolutionize your automotive business with A365, steering operational excellence, customer engagement, and innovation in every drive.

Types of automotive businesses we support

Passenger vehicles

Light commercial vehicles


Recreational vehicles

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Amplify sales with engaging interactions and hyper-personalized experiences to redefine the path to purchase, foster trust, and cultivate loyalty.

  • Tailor and configure upselling opportunities
  • Discover profitable service and finance packages
  • Elevate customer retention and dealership profitability
  • Optimize communication for enhanced customer interactions

Discover game-changing service management and unlock unparalleled efficiency, predictive insights, and elevated after-sales experiences.

  • Oversee vehicle service and maintenance records
  • Streamline workshops with smart scheduling and resource allocation
  • Elevate resource management with advanced workshop scheduling
  • Generate tailored service and maintenance contracts

Redefine inspections to drive digitalization that enhances efficiency, slashes costs, and delivers superior customer experiences.

  • Capture real-time inspection data for swift analysis
  • Generate automated inspection reports swiftly
  • Enhance record-keeping with visual evidence
  • Identify, track, and manage defects efficiently

Elevate automotive warranty management to deliver prime customer experiences, solidify supplier relationships, and streamline processes.

  • Drive effortless warranty registration for customers and partners
  • Enhance real-time warranty validation for precise coverage
  • Streamline efficient claims processing for swift resolution
  • Amplify management of extended warranty offerings and renewals

Power day-to-day operations in real-time, while fostering enriched connections to OEMs, distributors, and customers.

  • Manage rapid and user-friendly vehicle configurations
  • Centralize dealer data for streamlined management
  • Power efficient control inventory and meet demand
  • Enhance engagement through sales monitoring and customer insights

Enhance operations to streamline sales, parts procurement, and warranty processes for increased efficiency and growth.

  • Access real-time order placement and tracking for dealers
  • Enhance inventory visibility for dealers
  • Tailor pricing and discounts for personalized dealer relationships
  • Experience easy access to technical resources for dealers

Drive streamlined approaches, gain full control over the supply chain, ensure compliance, and enable global collaboration.

  • Elevate supply chain efficiency and collaboration
  • Streamline real-time shipment monitoring for streamlined logistics
  • Generate precise duties and tax calculations for cost analysis
  • Mitigate import risks through comprehensive data analysis

Discover insights needed to enhance efficiency, improve decision-making, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Access immediate business insights via real-time data analysis
  • Craft role-specific dashboards for personalized insights
  • Leverage predictive models for informed decision-making
  • Perform comparative analysis for precise benchmarking

Revolutionize parts management by streamlining operations and optimizing inventory for maximum efficiency and profitability.

  • Streamline parts inventory and procurement processes
  • Ensure seamless supply chain management
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with prompt and accurate parts availability
  • Discover opportunities for revenue growth through parts sales optimization

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Mexican subsidiary of an international motor company implements Annata solutions to modernize business processes

Southern North America

A Mexican subsidiary of an international motor company was utilizing multiple and heavily customized legacy systems which were around 20 years old and did not improve the business. The financial reports generated caused many discrepancies in the business which dampened business decisions. 

The management was looking for an Integrated system that was consistent and easily manageable, in which all users from different departments could manage business processes in a co-dependent and competent manner.  

Annata’s extensive solution provided the Mexican subsidiary with a technology transformation through its transition to digitized workflows.

The new system enabled the company’s dealerships to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with suppliers and service partners, while the company focused on creating an integrated supply chain. 

With Annata’s unified solution, the company benefited from providing accurate, analytical data through the implementation of key functions in cost management, inventory management, warranty management, sales, and service departments. It also provided the company with a range of business data (in real-time) for analysis at a reduced time rate and this provided the organization with major improvements in its management reporting. 


Annata expands Dynamics solution for South African arm of major importer and distributor

South Africa

A South African arm of a major importer and distributor of cars and spare parts was looking to expand the use of the solution into Dynamics 365 Sales. annata365 Sales was selected as the preferred industry solution.

The reputation of Annata working with the Microsoft team in South Africa helped to land the deal. The underlying Common Data Model for Automotive was also an important factor in the decision.

The expansion of the use of Dynamics CE for sales was already planned but the business felt that the Annata Sales app would provide ‘out of the box’ functionality and save them a considerable amount of time and effort. The business estimated that implementing the Annata Sales app would save them up to 3 years compared with developing the functionality themselves.

The Annata Sales app provides functionality to handle vehicle configuration, and sales quotations including financing options, trade-ins, test drives, etc.

The Annata Sales app will hopefully be the first of several products that the business will implement. This includes D365 F&O; annata365 for Dealer management; Customer service; Annata Dealer portal and; Annata Field Service. The 5-week implementation of the Annata Sales app was another compelling factor.


Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer arm selects Annata to replace existing vehicle division systems

Northwestern Europe

A division of a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer serving developing markets chose Dynamics 365 + annata365 to replace all their current systems for their vehicle division across Africa and selected countries in Latam and Asia. 

The implementation was complex as it involved replacing three heavily customized, on-premise solutions with a standard, (based on a global template), cloud-based offering. The complexity was further increased as the connectivity in some African countries can be intermittent, and delivering a project across many countries requires a great deal of experience and planning.

The solution implemented covered importation, dealerships, aftersales, and service, in addition to rental and fleet in specific markets. The device types cover all vehicles; from motorbikes to cars, lorries, tractors, construction machinery, etc. – and in some markets even boats.

D365 + annata365 provided the manufacturer with the confidence that  existing processes would all be supported and that moving to the Azure cloud would drive additional benefits.


Annata brings agility to a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer

East Asia

The North American arm of a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, with a 450,000-square-foot bus manufacturing and forklift assembly facility, required an agile solution to manage its supply chain, assembly, dealer orders, and post-sales processes for parts, warranty, and dealer management.   

The existing solution was unable to support these business processes cost-effectively with the same flexibility and agility. Annata’s automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) experience and track record of successful and agile implementations, particularly in the U.S. market were key to winning against other competitors.  

Key decision makers of the manufacturer were primarily of Chinese descent, with some residing in corporate offices in China. Working with Microsoft China, Annata was able to leverage its insight into Chinese business culture and its relationships with the business’s corporate IT.

Annata’s ability to adjust to an unconventional sales process and accommodation for cultural differences, coupled with an implementation approach and agile solution that could grow with the North American arm, was key to winning the business. 

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