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Emerging trends in automotive

Automotive mobility

User-oriented innovations from mobility technology are swiftly rolled out with Annata at the helm of digital transformation. Learn more about Microsoft and Annata's collaboration with Moller Mobility Group.

Evolving business models

Increase automotive revenue pools with new business models driven by mobility. Learn more about digital transformation and car ownership in this current age.

Supply chain resiliency

Integrated activities and data drives productivity and operational efficiency when pressure increases on industry supply chains. At Annata, our belief is that your supply chain must be informed by, and include, your customer experience. Learn how a resilient supply chain builds the foundation for an excellent customer experience.

Business intelligence

Make smart, informed decisions with real-time business data intuitively showcased across multiple devices. Learn how our Analytics solution empowers automotive players to make data driven decisions that are guaranteed to increase the operational efficiency of the business.

Greener, cleaner future

Implement new operational systems with agility to create a sustainable platform for electrification of vehicles. Learn more about the rapid shift of automotive manufacturers to large-scale development, manufacturing, and sales of zero-emission vehicles as decarbonizing transportation systems become increasingly more urgent.

Superior solutions for automotive businesses

annata365 is a global Independent service provider that leverages on the technological power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and provides intuitive business solutions designed specifically for businesses in the automotive industry.

Our award-winning solutions and services are built from listening to industry professionals from all around the world.

Annata’s unified technology solutions is tailor-made to assist automotive manufacturers, distributors, rental companies, dealer groups, importers and fleet operators to transform existing business processes through cloud enabling digitization, automation and advanced analytics with the use of artificial intelligence, IoT technologies and machine learning.

The ideal solution for any business in the automotive industry.

We design solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses involved in the construction, trading, distribution, sale and maintenance of vehicles and other devices, either these pertain to the main product or its various parts. Our solution is also perfectly suited for those involved in vehicle maintenance business and repair shops.

Powerful & easy to use

Providing you with all the business-specific processes needed to run your business.

Solutions tailored to a complex, global industry

Dedicated solutions that allow you to digitally transform opportunities as well as challenges in the automotive industry.

Technologically advanced

We provide a strong focus in adapting artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics into our cloud-based solutions.

Our solutions offer a wide range of features and functionalities that assist automotive importers to seamlessly control vehicle orders and vehicle returns, create automated warranty claims processes, manage vehicle shipment and handle distribution to the automotive dealer networks.

Integrated solutions for vehicle importers

Control vehicle orders, vehicle returns, automated warranty claims processes, vehicle shipment and distribution to the automotive dealer network.

Improve supply chain efficiency

Create sustainable and efficient operations that improves supply chain efficiency.

Communicate better with stakeholders

Connect seamlessly to PDI partners, transporters, and security.

Our integrated solution allows you to gain a complete and accurate overview of vehicle orders, deliveries and distribution to your network of representatives. It also provides functionalities to manage spare parts, returns and warranties for vehicles and their individual parts.

Modernize and transform business processes

Get a clear overview of all your business data in one place and explore powerful solutions that help you improve operations and drive efficient business outcomes.

Overcome the unstable environment

Minimize lead times, reduce delays, and increase productivity in your organization.

Understand your customer better

Maximize your CRM platform and gain a 360-degree view of each customer.

Our solutions support automotive rental providers with all the features needed for monitoring and analyzing the entire process, from renting and invoicing to returns and maintenance.

Increase visibility

Get a clear overview of the availability of rental devices and set straightforward procedures for creating rental orders or rental quotations.

Evolve digitally

Migrate standard functionalities without major modifications while having the flexibility to adapt to new processes. 

Tailor made integration

Full integration of all key business processes driven by industry specific needs and developed by experts. 

Annata develops and implements cloud-based business solutions to support the contract hire and fleet management business. The cloud-based solution is also ideal in monitoring the lifecycle of your company’s entire fleet—from the day a vehicle is purchased until it is recycled.

Real time fleet insight

View fleet performance, collaborate on tasks, and bridge the gap between office and field to increase productivity.

Predictive & proactive fleet management

Implement AI technology to anticipate and address any potential issues before they lead to unexpected vehicle downtime.

Smarter fleet management

Ensure that fleet drivers, managers, and mechanics can make better decisions that improve the long-term performance of the fleet.

annata365 is designed specifically for automotive service partners that maintain, repair and service vehicles, enabling them to streamline and automate business processes and ensuring each vehicle functions reliably and safely with as little downtime as possible.

Increasingly efficient

Track your production progress, minimize lead times, reduce delays, accelerate profitability and have visibility throughout the entire business process all in one place.

Improved business focus

Get all your business operations data and finances in one place with built in predictive analytics and intelligence to make business decisions faster than before.

User-friendly interfaces

Quickly understand how to use the system, where to find data and how to act on that information.

Automotive customer stories


Explore our solutions in the automotive industry

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence & analytical solutions at your fingertips.

Dealer Portal

Enhance the communication between dealers, importers and manufacturers.

Import and Dealer Management

Manage the cradle to grave processes in device management and import.

Import & Dealer Management


Increase mobile inspections productivity, drive mobility and consistency with the annata365 Inspections.


Deliver rich business information that achieves the optimal value in your rental business. 


Drive personalized customer journeys in automotive retail.

A365 Sales


Improves efficiency, reliability, and profitability of the service process through advanced support for industry-specific requirements


Optimize the warranty handling process and increase the warranty revenue with annata365 Warranty

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