Trucks & buses

From outdated systems to a roadmap of streamlined efficiency

Key industry drivers

The trucks & buses industry revolves around heavy-duty vehicles like trucks & buses, primarily used in public transport and goods movement. Its complexity in maintenance, distinct regulatory focus, and essential vehicle uptime set it apart.


Digitization for improved logistics and fleet management


Stringent emission regulations


Enhanced passenger safety features


Technological advancements in-vehicle connectivity and automation

A glance at A365 for trucks & buses businesses

Our extensive offering addresses every facet of the trucks & buses industry- from manufacturing to distribution, sales, sustainability, warranty, service, and much more.

A365 embodies our commitment to providing industry-specific, end-to-end solutions, customized to navigate the complex terrain of today’s business environment. As a one-stop solution, A365 eliminates the need for multiple systems, eradicates shadow IT, and paves the way for seamless and automated operations.

From production order processing in manufacturing to timesheet management in services, we’ve got you covered.

Revolutionize your trucks & buses business with A365, steering operational excellence, customer engagement, and innovation in every drive.

Types of trucks & buses businesses we support


Heavy trucks

Trucks & buses leasing

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Discover how we support trucks & buses businesses

Elevate sales, streamline the purchase journey, and fortify brand trust, while leveraging cutting-edge technology and analytics.

  • Tailor and optimize upselling opportunities to diverse clients
  • Leverage advanced analytics to identify optimal vehicle configurations
  • Cultivate lasting brand loyalty and dealer success
  • Employ cutting-edge technology for personalized customer experiences

Deliver maximum productivity, predictive analytics, and streamlined communication for enhanced after-sales excellence.

  • Implement predictive analytics for proactive maintenance
  • Streamline communication for efficient customer interactions
  • Maximize fleet uptime through optimized service scheduling
  • Elevate after-sales support through data-driven insights

Orchestrate essential fleet management, booking oversight, and superior customer support to optimize productivity and efficiency.

  • Streamline fleet management with advanced oversight tools
  • Optimize booking processes for seamless customer experiences
  • Enhance record-keeping with visual evidence
  • Identify, track, and manage defects efficiently

Optimize productivity, manage workshops, and transform online or offline activities for unmatched operational efficiency.

  • Implement streamlined inspection protocols for quicker turnaround
  • Efficiently manage workshops with data-driven insights
  • Seamlessly transition inspections between online and offline modes
  • Elevate operational efficiency through comprehensive workflows

Streamline processes for enhanced customer satisfaction, quicker turnarounds, and cost reduction in after-sales service.

  • Implement efficient warranty claim procedures for faster resolutions
  • Expedite service processes for minimized vehicle downtime
  • Cut costs through optimized warranty management strategies
  • Elevate after-sales service, boosting overall customer satisfaction

Enable management of sales, parts, and warranty claims, while enhancing supply chain communications and after-sales effectiveness.

  • Centralize sales, parts, and warranty claim management for dealers
  • Strengthen supply chain communications for seamless operations
  • Enhance after-sales effectiveness with real-time data access
  • Experience easy access to technical resources for dealers

Centralize communications and streamline management in real-time, while enhancing interactions with OEMs, distributors, and customers.

  • Establish a centralized hub for real-time communications
  • Streamline operations for enhanced efficiency and coordination
  • Elevate interactions with OEMs, distributors, and customers
  • Experience easy access to technical resources for dealers

Accelerate efficiencies, regulatory adherence, and global collaboration to optimize supply chain coordination.

  • Expedite import processes for streamlined operations
  • Ensure adherence to international regulations for smooth imports
  • Foster global collaboration for seamless supply chain coordination
  • Optimize supply chain efficiency through efficient import management

Unlock data-driven insights that optimize efficiency, drive informed decisions, and create personalized customer interactions.

  • Access immediate business insights via real-time data analysis
  • Craft role-specific dashboards for personalized insights
  • Leverage predictive models for informed decision-making
  • Perform comparative analysis for precise benchmarking
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Insights corner

Dive into the world of Annata with our insightful blogs, where we share expertise about our solution, industry trends, and new innovations that can drive your success.

European vehicle manufacturer unlocks competitive edge with Annata


The European automotive manufacturer was increasingly challenged with their internal reliance on their existing systems as they felt that they were losing a competitive edge by not having the ability to benchmark functionality, performance, and cost. 
To address this, they started to investigate adding D365 as a second practice. They, however, soon found a need to bring in the Annata extended solution to fully understand the capabilities of the underlying D365 platform with the vertical extension for their specific business. 

Through the roll-out, the manufacturer was able to move from local, siloed solutions to a common enterprise standard solution which drives down costs, mitigates risks, and improves the customer experience with a consequential uptick in sales. 
In essence, the customer views the solution as providing the systems that run their captive fleet dealers in-country, as well as providing the integration from captive and non-captive dealers into the central solution.


Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer partners with Annata to drive the shift towards sustainable transporting


A Swedish trucking manufacturer selects Annata and Dynamics 365 to replace their current wholesale and dealer management systems around the globe. By adding annata365 to the Dynamics solution, the company is provided with the comfort to cover almost all its operational processes and drive additional benefits by moving to a cloud-based system.

The company’s primary challenge was that it was dealing with large sets of homegrown solutions and legacy vertical solutions with a separate outdated dealer management system that did not communicate with each other. The current on-premise portfolio needed to be replaced with a standard, cloud-based solution, that covers imports, dealerships, aftersales, and service operations, in addition to its rental and fleet-based markets.

Annata, Microsoft, and the manufacturer worked together to build a golden template and blueprint to be used in future rollouts globally. The solution combination adds future capabilities and support for ML, AI, IoT, and more automated business executions, which will have a positive impact on the ROI.

The manufacturer has transformed its dealer management system, replacing its outdated solutions with Annata’s integrated, cloud-based solution using Microsoft’s infrastructure.


Hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle purveyors selects Annata to fulfill global scale ambitions

North America

In 2020, Annata was chosen by a heavy truck manufacturer to assist in developing their business processes and the systems required to support them. The company has more than 400 employees to support its rapid growth as a leading automotive innovator in zero-emission vehicles and trucks.

After a rapid and intensive validation cycle, Annata was chosen because of Annata’s 20-year automotive industry experience and extensions to the Microsoft Dynamics platform that formed the basis of the manufacturer’s finance and manufacturing systems.

Designed with cloud scalability and agility built in, the solution covered all critical processes. To ensure a complete and compelling customer experience, Annata’s solution will ensure the organization is well connected to customer behaviors, both pre-and post-sale for years to come.

The company decided to engage in a multi-year partnership with Annata after the success of the solution implementation. Annata provided the manufacturer with industry insights and experience to drive more value in all its business processes.