COVID-19 policy statement

Coronavirus Policy 

With the COVID-19 virus now being categorized as a pandemic, our highest priority is the health and well-being of our Employees as well as our Customers’- and Partners’ employees. We know we share this ultimate priority with all of you. Annata has established a dedicated response team, led by the CEO, Jóhann Jónsson. The team has defined its scope and meets daily to review data, plan actions and implement responses to the changing scenarios of COVID-19. The team works under guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health authorities. At this time, there is no indication that the Annata offices are affected, we are continuously monitoring the situation, contingency plans are in place and developing. 

For our Customers 

As a technology business, we are constantly evolving by embracing digital transformation and virtual collaboration with our Customers. Annata will continue to deliver service and products to our customers and partners in even the most demanding and complex situations. We feel confident that we can safely and effectively deliver all necessary advisory, development and support services remotely through voice and/or video conferencing, as a result, we believe that disruption will be minimal. 

For Visitors 

Annata is taking precautionary actions and closing offices for visitors. We acknowledge and fully respect the very difficult and disruptive conditions our partners and customers face with lockdowns and restrictions to travel etc. However, we feel very confident that we will meet or exceed the expected level of performance and continue to earn your loyalty and satisfaction. Please note the safety guidelines below regarding our workplace. These measures are designed to keep you and us safe. We will continue to review these procedures. 

The current policy is based on the following areas: 

Safety in the home and workplace 

  1. Health and safety are our highest priority, further information can be found on your local health authorities’ websites. 
  2. All employees, partners, and customers are urged to take preventative measures to avoid exposure or infection. 
  3. Follow regular hand washing advice by WHO. 
  4. Sanitizers placed at the entrance and throughout the office and we encourage regular use. 
  5. If you are concerned about your health or a colleague’s, contact the emergency or a medical professional and notify your manager. 
  6. Employees who have underlying health conditions or belong to high-risk groups are advised to work from home. 

Business & Personal Travel – through to April 30, 2020 

  1. All international business travel via air requires approval by our CEO, Jóhann Jónsson. 
  2. All international travel is discouraged, and caution is urged. 
  3. Project travel has been reduced to essential travel only. This includes all travel. To understand if it is essential, please speak with your manager. 
  4. Employees returning from traveling abroad (both business and personal), should check their local health authorities’ advisory sites to understand if any precautionary measures are needed. 
  5. We are trying to monitor travel to help with contingency planning and to keep colleagues safe. It would be helpful if you can inform your manager of any personal travel so we can better track, anticipate and act upon high-risk issues as things change day-to-day. 


  1. Annata encourages employees to work remotely and not come to the office until further notice. 
  2. Employees are supplied with the technology to work virtually. If additional equipment or technology is needed, that will be supplied from the company  
  3. Employees are encouraged to meet online using Microsoft Teams to collaborate with colleagues and customers.  
  4. Team meetings and presentations are now online only using Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Live Events. 
  5. Customers are advised to prepare for increased remote collaboration since in most cases, projects can continue remotely if clients have mobile technology. 
  6. Annata will gladly assist our customers in learning to use virtual collaboration and communication tools (Microsoft Teams) as may be required for us to achieve our common goals 
  7. All received packages will be stored at the office. 
  8. Communication has increased on all topics, using virtual methods, such as Microsoft Teams, to keep all employees informed.   

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