Microsoft Industry Experience Center: Annata and Touchcast team up to showcase the future of digital retailing at Microsoft IEC in Munich

Kópavogur, Iceland — May 2023 — Icelandic-based Microsoft Global Independent Solution Provider (ISV) for the automotive industry, Annata, announced earlier today that it has teamed up with leading virtual experience company, Touchcast, to display its digital retailing solutions at the Microsoft Industry Experience Center (IEC) in Munich.

Through a shared commitment to elevating the online purchasing journey for automotive brands, the interactive exhibit enables Annata and Touchcast to share how their individual solutions, when combined, offer a complete end-to-end approach for automotive businesses looking to empower engagement with customers in a hybrid digital and physical space.

The interactive exhibit narrates how the two solutions can be integrated harmoniously, synergizing processes into one seamless experience enabling a fluid, omnichannel digital retailing experience.Built on the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure, the Annata solution, annata365 offers an agile, cloud-based, and scalable platform for automotive activities.

Coupled with Touchcast’s metaverse capabilties, which immerse sellers and buyers in photorealistic venues from wherever they are in the world, the demonstration highlights how both solutions empower automotive companies to drive enhanced, personalized, and seamless e-commerce experiences for consumers through virtual dealerships.

“Alongside Touchcast, we are elated to be showing here at Microsoft Industry Experience Center in Munich just how automotive brands can elevate the entire customer experience journey in the metaverse. The inclusion of the Annata and Touchcast demonstration here is a testament to our strong working relationship with Microsoft and the value of our future-first solutions. Being able to illustrate and offer first-hand interactions about how Annata can augment business outcomes through next-generation process applications will provide us with more opportunities to help potential customers reach their digital transformation goals using Microsoft capabilities as their enterprise backbone,” said Magnus Norddahl, chief executive officer of Annata.

Immersively bridging the gap between Microsoft ISVs and potential customers, the exhibit at the Microsoft IEC in Munich will allow visitors to get up close and personal with these solutions, giving them an extensive view of the entire customer digital purchasing journey made possible using Annata and Touchcast solutions.

“We aim to solve a complex puzzle in the customer journey that represents a step-change for the automotive industry. In showcasing our unique AI and metaverse solutions with Annata at the Microsoft Industry Experience Center in Munich, we’re demonstrating how we can bridge a metaverse customer experience with secure e-commerce transactions, using Annata’s robust back-end solution to support activities across the automotive value chain. Which means we can deliver more empowering digital retail experiences for businesses at scale”, said Edo Segal, CEO and Founder of Touchcast.

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The demonstration at the exhibit will also enable Microsoft ICE visitors to take part in active conversations around the application and breadth of technology, helping them spark the reimagination of their businesses in the modern retail environment.

Adding Annata and Touchcast to our diverse mix of exhibits at our Industry Experience Center here in Munich reinforces our vision to help companies across industries digitally transform their businesses. The combination of Annata’s innovation and Touchcast’s metaverse capabilities will open up new ways for automakers to power a digitalized retailing experience and redefine their business outcomes,” said Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing & Mobility.

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Watch the full demonstration by Annata and Touchcast at CES2023:

Digital Retailing Road 1 Microsoft

Watch the video below to understand how Annata and Touchcast jointly elevate the customer journey with digital retailing:

Digital Retailing Road 2
Digital Retailing Road 2

For more information about the digital retailing demonstration by Annata and Touchcast at the Microsoft Industry Experience center in Munich, please contact us. To learn more about Touchcast, visit or contact

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