Digital transformation: The golden ticket to automotive business success

Digital transformation has brought urgency to the automotive industry.  Automotive businesses are being challenged by fast-changing consumer demands, technological advancements, heightened connectivity, and sustainability regulations due to the disruptive transition within the industry.

Vehicles are becoming more electrified, connected, and autonomous, causing the consumer experience to follow suit- shifting from physical experiences to digital.

Digital transformation is the only response with disruptions set to continue on an upward trajectory. Automotive businesses must make the shift from traditional business methods to one that is connected and digitized, in order to not just keep abreast but to capitalize on the vast industry opportunities.

This has caused automotive businesses to be under immense pressure to ride the digital transformation waves and automate processes across the value chain.

One method of going about digital transformation is with the help of a business transformation partner. A partner can help you integrate and implement digital business solutions to transform business processes using modern and agile capabilities that will empower businesses in today’s Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Digital Transformation- The golden ticket to automotive business success

Annata- Your Trusted Digital Transformation Partner in the Era of Intelligence

Companies increasingly focus on digital technologies to set them on a course towards “The Intelligent Enterprise” in this digital age. But not all succeed.

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Digital transformation- The golden ticket to automotive business success

The journey through digital transformation can be one that is complex. However, with the right transformation partner, it does not have to be lengthy or high risk.

Annata is a global independent service provider that leverages the technological power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and provides intuitive business solutions designed specifically for businesses in the automotive industry.

Our award-winning automotive industry solutions and services are built from listening to industry professionals from all around the world.

Digital transformation- The golden ticket to automotive business success

Discover new business capabilities through digital transformation with Annata’s tailor-made business solutions

Annata’s unified technology solutions are tailor-made to assist automotive manufacturers, distributors, importers, dealer groups, rental companies, and fleet operators throughout their digital transformation journey.

Annata does this by enhancing business processes through cloud-enabling digitization, automation, and advanced analytics with the use of artificial intelligence, IoT technologies, and machine learning.

The Annata 365 solution suite includes:

Annata 365 Dealer Management- Modern, scalable, cloud-based management solution that is tailor-made for dealerships.

  • Swift and accessible vehicle configurations and customizations.
  • Gain a 360° overview of each vehicle in your dealership.
  • Manage adjustable service and finance packages.
  • Hassle-free management of warranty packages.
  • Effective timesheet management.
  • Easy updating of maintenance plans and service recalls.
  • Optimize the warranty claim process with industry best practices and features.

Annata 365 Import Management- Unified solution with full functionality to control vehicle orders, vehicle returns, automated warranty claims processes, vehicle shipment, and distribution.

  • Gain efficiency in supply chain management.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Connect seamlessly to PDI partners, transporters, and authorities.
  • Utilize powerful analytical tools that provide greater insights for business intelligence.
  • Collaborate efficiently with automotive dealers.

Annata 365 Rental- Rent-based business modes with all the features needed for monitoring and analyzing the entire rental process.

  • Manage vehicle rentals quickly and easily without the need for expensive infrastructure.
  • Create professional invoices, send payment reminders, and keep track of your charges.
  • Manage and track your rental returns in real-time.
  • Reduce vehicle downtime and maintenance costs.

Annata 365 Warranty- Optimizes the warranty handling process and increases warranty revenue.

  • Effortless management of outbound and inbound warranty claims.
  • Service and recall campaign support.
  • Manage communication on warranty extensions.
  • Standardized and extended warranty features.
  • Smooth parts return and replacement processes.
  • Fully functional connection to work orders.
  • Supports preliminary invoicing and pre-work approval.

Annata 365 Dealer Portal- Allows dealers to create, monitor, and maintain transactions directly with the importer or manufacturer.

  • View availability of stock and inventory in real-time.
  • Increase the effectiveness of business processes with the ability to customize product configurations.
  • Plan the production and distribution of vehicles and devices according to market demands.
  • Provide better visibility to business partners to manage warranty, inventory, and overall stock.
  • Reduces management costs, human error, and improves customer satisfaction.

Annata 365 Sales- Supports multiple brands and locations with capabilities tailored to industry-specific business processes, data models, and functionalities.

  • Configurations and customizations to upsell additional accessories.
  • Service and finance packages to boost revenue.
  • Improve customer retention, secure loyalty, and increase dealership profit.
  • Workshop and resource scheduling to streamline resource management.

Annata 365 Service- Improves efficiency, reliability, and profitability of the service process through advanced support for industry-specific requirements.

  • Keep track of vehicle history seamlessly.
  • Streamline accessories and consumable sales support.
  • Create service and maintenance contracts with variable configuration templates, prices, and validity along with monthly fees collection.
  • Instant analysis and assessment of vehicles through real-time data connectivity.

Annata 365 Inspections- Streamlines inspection processes by providing analytical insight and seamless integration.

  • Manage and perform inspections with or without a device as the subject.
  • Record observations for devices during inspections or whenever needed.
  • Define checkpoints and support actions.
  • Define checklists quickly and consistently from reusable checkpoints.
  • Set rules to reduce risk and effort to drive compliance by guiding users during inspection entry.

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