Innovating healthcare & embracing the future with Annata 365 for Dynamics

Healthcare today has become a crucial part of our social infrastructure that supports society in the 21st century. Therefore, its crucial for healthcare businesses that manufacture and sell health based diagnostic products to integrate and communicate seamlessly with their global affiliates. As the industry continues to evolve with new innovations and breakthroughs, there are certain challenges that need to be promptly addressed.

The organization faced many logistical challenges with their current manual business operations while working with different ERP systems being used by overseas affiliates and local dealers from multiple different countries. This seems to be the case for many manufacturers who run multiple ERP systems which can be a significant downside to their business operations.

They were looking for a one-size-fits-all solution that could digitally transform their current operations with minimum investment and rapid time to value.

The Annata team decided to start by gathering information on the business operations and created a digital mock-up using the organizations actual data. This allowed the team to demonstrate the end-to-end processes with great clarity. Annata 365 for Dynamics was used to assist the organization to manage the customer journey by tracking device numbers, after service transactions and warranty periods.

Annata proposed and advised a phase-by-phase approach focusing on digitizing the companies spare parts inventory management and price quotations which helped improve employee productivity and accuracy of the business. The goal was to support the company’s global expansion and increasing revenues by utilizing IoT data derived from its medical equipment with Microsoft technologies such as Azure, Dynamics and Common Data Service. The team then set to streamline the parts inventory management and have a full ERP replacement from the current dealers and affiliates.

Annata is well known as a Dealer Management Systems for vehicles, but this solution can be fully extensible to any kind of device with features that assist customers to seamlessly manage their value chain. These solutions have been proven with great efficacy to monitor and track data from medical equipment.

By combining global, secure and proven Dynamics 365 ERP platform, the Annata team successfully provided solutions that future proofed the company’s manufacturing and business units.

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