Managing customer experience in the age of big data

Leveraging on data to create differentiated customer experiences.

How can automotive brands provide a more refined and digitized customer experience to stay ahead of the curve and become the mobility providers of tomorrow?

As the automotive industry evolves into the age of connectivity, electrification and autonomous technology, its customer experience management must also evolve to reflect these changes as they occur.

Successful businesses are always going out of their way to figure out how to improve the overall customer experience. All indications at this time have found that providing an omnichannel experience is important for customer experience. This implementation is a powerful way to optimize every channel by catering to the customer’s specific needs.

Deloitte’s analysis shows that there are three major global trends that are putting pressure on retailers to shift towards omni-channel and will finally pull automotive into this model:

Connected consumers: Consumers today are constantly connected and have the latest pricing data and reviews right in their hands. In turn, this is causing them to be more purposeful shoppers who are no longer browsing the showrooms or dealer’s lots hoping to find their match.

New retail concepts: New models such as direct-to-consumer models, home deliveries, and brand boutiques create new expectations for consumers. Automotive retailers will soon need to prepare for these changing expectations as customers find value in these new retail models.

Digital technologies: The rise of big data, cloud computing, and advances in core digital technologies need to be leveraged, allowing businesses to more agilely address customer needs. In the case of automotive retailing, this means beginning to tap into the 10 hours of third-party research and the data trail left behind from hundreds of page views, social comments and third-party interactions.

Annata 365 is designed to use the powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the deep industry knowledge of Annata to provide automotive OEM’s and NSC’s with tailored solutions to maximize their investments in and enable a seamless process from omnichannel lead generation to dealer sales.

Annata and Microsoft have been business partners for over 15 years, and with this enhanced collaboration, scenarios are now better supported for the OEM to end-client consumer interaction that facilitates and enhances Digital Transformation along the value chain.

Magnús Guðjónsson, Solutions Architect at Annata joins Kerry Lebel on the Inside Track Podcast to explain how the importance of building a foundation for personalized omnichannel consumer experiences can strengthen the automotive brand loyalty.

Listen to the podcast below or click here for the full transcript.

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