Annata Ask the Expert Series | Q&A with Guðrún Ólafsdóttir: Statement of Direction

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We recently unveiled our Statement of Direction, titled ‘Powering the Road Ahead,’ a testament to Annata’s future ambitions and unwavering commitment to innovation. This statement reaffirms our dedication to customer-centric innovation excellence, serving as a beacon for product development and customer engagement.

We had the honor of sitting down with Guðrún Ólafsdóttir, Chief Product Officer of Annata, to delve deeper into the Statement of Direction. Guðrún provided valuable insights into how this statement will shape Annata’s future product offerings and the company’s overall strategic vision. Her perspective sheds light on Annata’s relentless pursuit of innovation and customer success. Here’s what she had to say:

  1. Could you share a bit about your background and how you came to lead the product team at Annata?

I have over 20 years of experience in product development, my career has spanned across Iceland, Denmark, and Malaysia. This journey allowed me to travel across the globe, engaging in diverse projects as a developer, consultant, and trainer, particularly with products from LS Retail, a Microsoft ISV partner.

My career progression led me from being a hands-on developer and consultant to a training manager, and ultimately to the role of development director. I played a key role in shaping LS Retail’s transition to the cloud, optimizing development processes, and enhancing the partner experience to navigate the evolving cloud landscape effectively.

In February 2023, I had the privilege of joining Annata, as the CPO (Chief Product Officer) an opportunity I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have. At Annata, I’m working alongside talented and passionate individuals. Here, the focus is on Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O), contrasting with my previous focus on Business Central at LS Retail.

This shift represents not only a change in product scope but also a continuation of my journey. I’m hopeful that my experience and diverse background will add value to Annata, enhancing our capabilities in A365 and contributing to our collective success and innovation in the industry.

  1. What aspects of your role do you find most rewarding or challenging?

The most rewarding aspect of my role is orchestrating harmony within the development teams to develop products that genuinely fulfill our customers’ needs. Building products intelligently and incrementally minimizes rework and waste. It is incredibly rewarding.

By thoroughly understanding our users’ needs, leveraging our strengths, and considering the financial impact of our work, we can tackle challenges more effectively and with a clearer sense of purpose.

  1. In your own words, can you please share a quick summary of what the Statement of Direction is about?

Sure. The Statement of Direction is our compass into the future and in this future, we see Annata leading the way in the automotive, trucks & buses, and equipment industries, with our solution that is not only innovative but also instrumental in driving our customers success.

Annata Ask the Expert Series- Q&A with Guðrún Ólafsdóttir- Statement of Direction 8

  1. From your perspective, what makes this new Statement of Direction particularly important or exciting for Annata and its customers?

The new Statement of Direction is crucial for both us and our customers, emphasizing the essential role of advanced technology in maintaining competitiveness for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), distributors, and dealers. Our solution, A365, stands out as a unique solution, showcasing the strengths of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, providing a seamless experience across all devices and tailored specifically to industry needs.

This Statement of Direction reinforces our commitment to continual updates and improvements, ensuring A365 not only helps our customers keep pace with market trends but also positions them as leaders in their respective fields.

  1. How do you see the Statement of Direction shaping the roadmap for future product development at Annata?

Annata Ask the Expert Series- Q&A with Guðrún Ólafsdóttir- Statement of Direction 6

AI and machine learning are transforming business operations, indicating a shift to more intelligent, data-centric models. The cloud simplifies access to advanced technologies, making them available to everyone. Sales are evolving into personalized experiences that resonate with each customer, enhancing satisfaction and effectiveness. Service operations are becoming more accurate, minimizing errors, and optimizing results, thereby boosting customer satisfaction.

  1. How do customer challenges or feedback influence the direction outlined in the Statement of Direction?

Our commitment to the automotive, trucks & buses, and equipment industries has led us to integrate the insights of industry-specific program managers into our R&D process. This strategic move enhances our focus on specialized knowledge and ensures our solution is closely aligned with actual industry demands.

Our managers play an important role in capturing the latest trends, regulatory updates, and best practices, directly influencing our product roadmap. Essentially, they act as the bridge between our customers and R&D teams, ensuring that customer feedback and challenges are central to our development strategy, thereby shaping our Statement of Direction.

  1. Can you provide some insights into how Annata plans to balance maintaining the current product while innovating for the future?

Our strategy for balancing current product maintenance with future innovation involves a collaborative effort between the product team and the architect team. The product team is focused on enhancing and updating our existing offerings to ensure they continue to meet customer needs effectively.

On the other hand, the architect team plays a vital role in ensuring that our solutions are not only maintainable but also scalable and future-proof. They’re responsible for integrating new technologies and methodologies that align with our long-term vision, thus facilitating continuous innovation.

Together, these teams ensure that we consistently deliver a high-quality, sustainable solution while staying at the cutting edge of technological advancement.

  1. How will Annata ensure that the data and insights collected through A365 are actionable and drive meaningful business decisions for its customers?

At the core of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and A365 is data integrity – a promise that data is not only accurate and securely processed but also a trustworthy compass for strategic decisions. It’s about making data work for our customers, transforming it into insights that propel their business forward.

Annata Ask the Expert Series- Q&A with Guðrún Ólafsdóttir- Statement of Direction 5

  1. Can you explain how Annata plans to personalize experiences for its customers within the A365 platform?

By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Power Platform, and Dataverse, we aim to provide tailored capabilities recognizing the unique needs of the automotive, trucks & buses, and equipment industries. This approach allows us to configure A365 to offer industry-specific functionalities, workflows, and data insights, ensuring that our customers receive the most relevant and effective tools for their business.

Utilizing the flexibility of Power Platform and the robust data management capabilities of Dataverse, we can create customized interfaces and experiences that enhance operational efficiency and drive business success for our clients in their respective industries.

  1. In what ways do you envision new Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Copilot enhancing A365 and benefiting Annata’s customers?

Overall, Microsoft Copilot with A365 will bring smart, data-driven functionalities that can transform how our customers operate, making their processes more efficient and their decisions more insightful.

Microsoft Copilot in A365 can offer predictive analytics and intelligent recommendations, helping customers make more informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Copilot can automate routine tasks and processes, freeing up time for users to focus on strategic activities and innovation, thereby increasing overall productivity and streamlining operations.

With AI-driven insights, our customers can offer personalized services and interactions, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. By leveraging the latest AI technologies, A365 can stay ahead of market trends, offering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers.

  1. Are there any specific features or capabilities that you’re particularly excited about integrating into A365?

I’m excited about enhancing A365 with AI and Microsoft Copilot features to improve user experience, with a particular focus on making interactions more intuitive and efficient.

Beyond these AI-driven enhancements, the real magic happens in the synergy of A365 with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Power Platform, and Dataverse, which creates customizable, role-specific experiences, elevating efficiency, and productivity across every team member’s workflow.

These improvements are about more than just adding advanced capabilities; they’re about refining the user experience to be smoother and more attuned to their needs.

  1. Looking ahead, what are you most excited about in terms of Annata’s future product offerings and developments?

I’m excited about the growth and investment in our R&D team, reflecting dedication to innovation and diverse product development. This expansion will not only enhance our product offerings but also bring real benefits to our customers and influence industry trends.

To support this, we’ve implemented the Scrum@Scale method, enhancing collaboration and decision-making across our global offices in Iceland, Malaysia, and Hungary and ensuring that our product vision and strategy are closely aligned with the mission and goals of our organization.

This approach will also streamline processes and support growth, making it easier to integrate new team members and ensure that we continue to deliver value-driven solutions to our customers.

  1. How do you think Annata’s solution will evolve over the next few years based on this new direction?

In the coming years, Annata’s solutions will continue to evolve, guided by our strategic focus on the research component of R&D. Our commitment to investing in R&D will enable us to actively explore and integrate innovative technologies, ensuring that our solutions stay ahead in the industry.

Annata Ask the Expert Series- Q&A with Guðrún Ólafsdóttir- Statement of Direction 1

As a result, Annata’s customers can expect increasingly advanced, efficient, and tailored solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to drive their success.

  1. On a lighter note, what books would you recommend for the product enthusiasts out there?

My reading interests lean towards management and I’m a big fan of Christian Ørsted’s work. Ørsted is a Danish bestselling author, management consultant, and speaker. His critique of the heroic leadership model and the pitfalls of conventional motivation strategies offer valuable lessons for product management.

Ørsted advocates for psychological safety and trust within teams, encouraging an atmosphere where ideas can flow freely, risks are taken thoughtfully, and mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities. His approach to managing change is particularly enlightening. He suggests we view change as a natural and manageable aspect of our work, not merely an obstacle to overcome. Enhancing adaptability, fostering ongoing learning, and promoting open communication are key to this.

I strongly believe that adopting this approach can make product development more effective and empathetic, ultimately boosting productivity. It fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration, leading to better and more successful products.

Download Annata’s Statement of Direction here. For inquiries and more information on our Statement of Direction, please reach out to us.

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Central to their success is a commitment to transparent management, enabling them to overcome challenges. The company prioritizes key strategic pillars, including business sustainability, delivering exceptional customer experiences, nurturing a skilled workforce, embracing technology, and forming strategic alliances. These pillars reflect the company’s comprehensive approach to ensuring long-term success and resilience in the dynamic automotive industry.

To enhance their operations, the company opted for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations combined with A365 and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement combined with A365. In the evaluation process, various global and regional players were considered, with the chosen combination ultimately selected based on key factors.

The decision to choose this particular combination was influenced by factors such as embracing new technologies for future growth, an abundance of experienced consultants for technology implementation, a holistic solution with cloud hosting and flexible services, and an excellent cost-benefit Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) ratio.

Additionally, the choice of Annata was motivated by their extensive expertise in the automotive sector, a strong market presence, a robust research and development (R&D) plan, and certification capabilities with a cost-effective Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

This combination of solutions was deemed the optimal choice, aligning with the organization’s strategic goals and ensuring a comprehensive and effective solution for their business needs.

European vehicle manufacturer unlocks competitive edge with Annata


The European automotive manufacturer was increasingly challenged with their internal reliance on their existing systems as they felt that they were losing a competitive edge by not having the ability to benchmark functionality, performance, and cost. 
To address this, they started to investigate adding D365 as a second practice. They, however, soon found a need to bring in the Annata extended solution to fully understand the capabilities of the underlying D365 platform with the vertical extension for their specific business. 

Through the roll-out, the manufacturer was able to move from local, siloed solutions to a common enterprise standard solution which drives down costs, mitigates risks, and improves the customer experience with a consequential uptick in sales. 
In essence, the customer views the solution as providing the systems that run their captive fleet dealers in-country, as well as providing the integration from captive and non-captive dealers into the central solution.

Annata expands Dynamics solution for South African arm of major importer and distributor

South Africa

A South African arm of a major importer and distributor of cars and spare parts was looking to expand the use of the solution into Dynamics 365 Sales. A365 Sales was selected as the preferred industry solution.

The reputation of Annata working with the Microsoft team in South Africa helped to land the deal. The underlying Common Data Model for Automotive was also an important factor in the decision.

The expansion of the use of Dynamics CE for sales was already planned but the business felt that the Annata Sales app would provide ‘out of the box’ functionality and save them a considerable amount of time and effort. The business estimated that implementing the Annata Sales app would save them up to 3 years compared with developing the functionality themselves.

The Annata Sales app provides functionality to handle vehicle configuration, and sales quotations including financing options, trade-ins, test drives, etc.

The Annata Sales app will hopefully be the first of several products that the business will implement. This includes D365 F&O; A365 for Dealer management; Customer service; Annata Dealer portal and; Annata Field Service. The 5-week implementation of the Annata Sales app was another compelling factor.

Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer arm selects Annata to replace existing vehicle division systems

Northwestern Europe

A division of a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer serving developing markets chose Dynamics 365 + A365 to replace all their current systems for their vehicle division across Africa and selected countries in Latam and Asia. 

The implementation was complex as it involved replacing three heavily customized, on-premise solutions with a standard, (based on a global template), cloud-based offering. The complexity was further increased as the connectivity in some African countries can be intermittent, and delivering a project across many countries requires a great deal of experience and planning.

The solution implemented covered importation, dealerships, aftersales, and service, in addition to rental and fleet in specific markets. The device types cover all vehicles; from motorbikes to cars, lorries, tractors, construction machinery, etc. – and in some markets even boats.

D365 + A365 provided the manufacturer with the confidence that  existing processes would all be supported and that moving to the Azure cloud would drive additional benefits.

Annata brings agility to a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer

East Asia

The North American arm of a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, with a 450,000-square-foot bus manufacturing and forklift assembly facility, required an agile solution to manage its supply chain, assembly, dealer orders, and post-sales processes for parts, warranty, and dealer management.   

The existing solution was unable to support these business processes cost-effectively with the same flexibility and agility. Annata’s automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) experience and track record of successful and agile implementations, particularly in the U.S. market were key to winning against other competitors.  

Key decision makers of the manufacturer were primarily of Chinese descent, with some residing in corporate offices in China. Working with Microsoft China, Annata was able to leverage its insight into Chinese business culture and its relationships with the business’s corporate IT.

Annata’s ability to adjust to an unconventional sales process and accommodation for cultural differences, coupled with an implementation approach and agile solution that could grow with the North American arm, was key to winning the business. 

Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer partners with Annata to drive the shift towards sustainable transporting


A Swedish trucking manufacturer selects Annata and Dynamics 365 to replace their current wholesale and dealer management systems around the globe. By adding A365 to the Dynamics solution, the company is provided with the comfort to cover almost all its operational processes and drive additional benefits by moving to a cloud-based system.

The company’s primary challenge was that it was dealing with large sets of homegrown solutions and legacy vertical solutions with a separate outdated dealer management system that did not communicate with each other. The current on-premise portfolio needed to be replaced with a standard, cloud-based solution, that covers imports, dealerships, aftersales, and service operations, in addition to its rental and fleet-based markets.

Annata, Microsoft, and the manufacturer worked together to build a golden template and blueprint to be used in future rollouts globally. The solution combination adds future capabilities and support for ML, AI, IoT, and more automated business executions, which will have a positive impact on the ROI.

The manufacturer has transformed its dealer management system, replacing its outdated solutions with Annata’s integrated, cloud-based solution using Microsoft’s infrastructure.

RV manufacturer streamlines business processes with Annata

North America

Annata was chosen as a solutions provider to replace a 20-year-old heavily customized legacy system for an RV manufacturer. The systems in use were not supplying prompt information to the management team and model changes for production were painful to implement. 

The implementation was vital to simplify access to data and increase service levels to its different dealers. The manufacturer selected Annata due to Annata’s global ISV status and strong solution functionalities to manage their critical workload, particularly those that require interaction with their dealer channel.   

Annata’s robust dealer portal solution has improved dealer relationships with a quicker turnaround on warranty claim decisions and processing.

In parallel, the manufacturer can now leverage warranty rules and validations. The dealer portal is a win for the manufacturer in reducing warranty costs while improving dealer and customer relationships.

The manufacturer expects overall improved management reporting for executives and operations. Operational improvements include rationalized bills of materials, costing, and managing production change orders effectively. The manufacturer expects its dealers to have a more efficient process for warranty claims that will result in a reduced payment time, while still preventing fraudulent or duplicate claims.

Swiss agricultural equipment and machinery supplier accelerates cloud migration with Annata

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As an existing customer of AX and Annata IDMS on-premise, the Swiss company decided to start its journey to the cloud in early 2020. Annata’s finance and operations solution was the core of the solution proposed to the company.  

Annata’s full suite of capabilities was implemented and included extensive device management functionalities that support the entire lifecycle of a machine encompassing imports, sales, and lifecycle management with service/work order management, warranty handling, parts management, and rental. 

In addition to a proven solution, Annata was the primary choice due to the strongly committed executive management team which is very much supportive of the strategic project goals.

The project enjoys a high focus at the executive management level and is supported by a strong change management approach aiming to avoid unnecessary customizations. 

The industry competence of the Annata implementation team was well equipped to mitigate challenges typically encountered when setting up new customer solutions in replace of their heavy customized “homegrown” solution.

Annata selected to digitally transform distribution channel of agricultural equipment manufacturer

Central Europe

With a primary focus on excellent product quality and outstanding customer service, the equipment manufacturer made a company-wide decision to shift their business process to the cloud using Dynamics 365 and Annata’s Finance & Operations solution. 

The solution was rolled out to several major markets within Europe and the Americas in a span of 3-4 years, before offering the industry template to their independent dealer network. Annata was selected as the preferred industry solution partner to move their on-premise solution within their headquarters to the cloud within three months, utilizing its extensive industry and digital competencies in the Annata team. 

As soon as Annata engaged with the equipment manufacturer, it was clear to them that the industry IP was key to their goal to digitally transform their distribution channel.

Coupled with finance and operations implementation expertise, the equipment manufacturer was confident that D365 with Annata was the best to provide industry knowledge to help them make the right process choices and a full set of industry functionalities around the full lifecycle of their equipment.

Mexican subsidiary of an international motor company implements Annata solutions to modernize business processes

Southern North America

A Mexican subsidiary of an international motor company was utilizing multiple and heavily customized legacy systems which were around 20 years old and did not improve the business. The financial reports generated caused many discrepancies in the business which dampened business decisions. 

The management was looking for an Integrated system that was consistent and easily manageable, in which all users from different departments could manage business processes in a co-dependent and competent manner.  

Annata’s extensive solution provided the Mexican subsidiary with a technology transformation through its transition to digitized workflows.

The new system enabled the company’s dealerships to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with suppliers and service partners, while the company focused on creating an integrated supply chain. 

With Annata’s unified solution, the company benefited from providing accurate, analytical data through the implementation of key functions in cost management, inventory management, warranty management, sales, and service departments. It also provided the company with a range of business data (in real-time) for analysis at a reduced time rate and this provided the organization with major improvements in its management reporting. 

Hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle purveyors selects Annata to fulfill global scale ambitions

North America

In 2020, Annata was chosen by a heavy truck manufacturer to assist in developing their business processes and the systems required to support them. The company has more than 400 employees to support its rapid growth as a leading automotive innovator in zero-emission vehicles and trucks.

After a rapid and intensive validation cycle, Annata was chosen because of Annata’s 20-year automotive industry experience and extensions to the Microsoft Dynamics platform that formed the basis of the manufacturer’s finance and manufacturing systems.

Designed with cloud scalability and agility built in, the solution covered all critical processes. To ensure a complete and compelling customer experience, Annata’s solution will ensure the organization is well connected to customer behaviors, both pre-and post-sale for years to come.

The company decided to engage in a multi-year partnership with Annata after the success of the solution implementation. Annata provided the manufacturer with industry insights and experience to drive more value in all its business processes.

Forestry equipment global manufacturer selects Annata for company-wide digitization


Operating in forestry markets of more than 40 different countries, the manufacturer had an IT landscape that was complex, fragmented, and varied greatly between countries. As part of their future-proofing efforts, they needed a platform to bolster them as they navigated into the future, providing them with the flexibility required to digitize their entire business. 

Annata’s complete set of industry functionalities around the lifecycle of heavy equipment, the strength of the application and platform, as well as in-depth knowledge and vast experience within the industry were reasons why Annata was selected to support them along their transformation journey. 

Annata also displayed strong awareness of future capabilities specific to the manufacturer’s needs aside from proving a strong partnership with Microsoft. 

Annata’s flexibility, scalability, and capabilities to take on the ever-changing environment in the forestry manufacturing industry have since enabled the manufacturer to maintain a competitive edge digitally.