Møller Mobility Group in collaboration with Microsoft and Annata

Oslo, 31 August 2021: Møller Mobility Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Microsoft and Annata to explore the possibilities to develop new and modern standards for the car industry. It starts with a total transformation of how Møller Mobility Group operates.

The automotive industry is changing rapidly. The international car industry invests tens of millions annually in research and development, which has resulted in more environmentally friendly, safer, and more intelligent cars. At the same time, there is a great need for new digital platforms and structures.

Norway is in a unique position when it comes to mobility innovation and electrifying its car fleet. At the same time, the car fleet is among the oldest in Western Europe.
Møller Mobility Group is now investing heavily to meet these developments and be equipped for the future. The first step is entering a long-term agreement with Microsoft and their automotive partner Annata, a car industry specialist.
The companies are looking into the possibility to transform an entire industry. Møller Mobility Group, Microsoft and Annata will explore the possibilities to set a new standard for the industry by developing the digital platform of the future for the automotive industry.

“This agreement gives us a unique opportunity to accelerate the digitalization of our own business. At the same time, we get to sit in the driver’s seat when the new digital industry platforms are being developed,” says Petter Hellman, CEO of Møller Mobility Group.
Møller Mobility Group is implementing a transformation program with an investment framework of several hundred million NOK over the next few years.
The automotive industry is going through a tremendous transformation overall, and new distribution and operating models are emerging with data at the core. Microsoft is in a prime position to support these types of transformations and we are very grateful with Møller putting their trust in our technology when undertaking this major transformation journey for their company,” says Kimberly Mathisen, General Manager, Microsoft Norway.

For Annata, the agreement with Møller Mobility Group is a great testament and recognition of the innovation- and development effort that Annata has invested in for the past two decades.
We see the coming years as being the most exciting time for the automotive industry. Our cutting-edge solutions on top of Microsoft Azure and Dynamics has once again proven to be a winning combination for the most ambitious automotive and mobility companies, such as Møller Mobility Group,” says Jóhann Jónsson, Annata CEO.

Møller Mobility Group in collaboration with Microsoft and Annata

Preparing to meet the needs before they arise
Global trends, increased competition and rapid technological development create a need for new digital sales, services, and mobility solutions.
We want to meet the customer’s needs before they arise and be able to adapt our business quickly and flexibly when they change. The agreement with Microsoft and Annata enables us to increase our flexibility and speed through modern platforms and solutions. This means that we can focus on innovation and customer experience,” says Cathrine Klouman, Chief Digital Officer in Møller Mobility Group.
Møller Mobility Group in collaboration with Microsoft and Annata

Klouman sees the digital investment as a natural extension of the history associated with technology development and innovation when it comes to mobility solutions in Norway.
We look forward to working closely with Microsoft and Annata and proactively take Møller Mobility Group into the future. Our ambition is to be at the forefront when it comes to industrial development,” says Klouman.
Making the automotive industry sustainable
Microsoft is at the forefront of empowering automotive companies to transform into sustainable, innovative mobility service providers. We are pleased to collaborate closely with Møller Mobility Group and our automotive industry solution provider Annata going forward to accelerate the development of their platform for mobility”, said John Reed, Global Solutions Leader, Automotive, Mobility & Transportation Industry, at Microsoft.

Møller Mobility Group in collaboration with Microsoft and Annata

Møller Mobility Group’s ambitions are an all-green car market in 2025 and are already aiming for between 85 and 90 percent pure electric car sales with their brands in 2021.
Environment, sustainability, and circular economy will be key concepts in the time ahead. This applies to how we work internally, collaborate globally, and not least how we meet the customer,” says Petter Hellman, CEO of Møller Mobility Group.
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With over 20 years of experience as a Global independent solution provider (GISV) for the Automotive, Equipment and Medical Device industries, Annata provides solutions based on Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, and the Microsoft Power Platform. Annata 365 is a next-generation unified technology solution that helps manufacturers, distributors, dealers, rental companies, and fleet operators overcoming the industry disruption and challenges. Annata supports companies in their digital transformation efforts, as well as facilitate new business models to develop, deliver and operate mobility services. By collaborating with the teams at Microsoft, Annata maintains a strong expertise on the Microsoft platform and continues to provide innovative automotive software solutions, strong services, and unparalleled value to our customers.
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