What makes Annata 365 the best cloud-based rental solution?

Annata 365 is a cloud-based solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 well designed to efficiently manage the entire rental process. Taking advantages of 20+ years of experience the solution is completely aware of challenges in the rental business and manages every part of the rental activity, enabling a true optimization of rental business.

What makes Annata 365 the best rental solution?
Here are the top fifteen features that make Annata 365 a best rental ERP and helps rental businesses in improving their efficiency, productivity, and flexibility.

Interactive rental browser

Solution provides an interactive and comprehensive Browsing tool allowing the user to effectively search for available rental asset based on Rental asset group, the expected return date & time and current physical location.

What Makes Annata 365 the Best Cloud-based Rental Solution?

Manage multiple rental locations and customer sites in one place

Annata 365 supports businesses that deal with multiple sites and rental locations. All branches can access the same data and determine not just fleet availability at their own location, but the asset status across all locations. If your customer has multiple job sites and requires the delivery of assets to different customer locations the standard Annata accommodates these demands seamlessly.

Collection requests, returns and replacements in one place

Annata rental solution allows you to manage all your data is one place from the rental confirmation, rental delivery all the way through collection process and customer returns. Having a central repository for data makes it easier to collect, access and manage information across all areas of your rental operations. At the same time, you will have more visibility into data for all stages of the rental process including automatic charges such as transportation. Or any items missing at the time of return can be indicated on the collection and charged accordingly.

Additionally, it is also possible to easily manage the exchange of faulty items during activate contract period. The system accurately tracks both the return of faulty item and the delivery of the replacements.

Precise rental inspections

System provides users with ability to define different rental inspection checklists for preparations prior to dispatch, as well as inspections upon return. The faults and observations identified during the inspections can be easily converted to a service orders and rectified immediately. System also provides with ability to reserve a rental asset while it is still under the rental inspection. Rental reservations will prevent users from renting an asset which is still undergoing inspections/servicing.

Bulk rental capabilities

At the time of rental contract creation, the user can link multiple accessories to the rental asset and determine whether these are mandatory, optional, or non-chargeable.

The rental contracts support renting of both individual equipment and creation of bundles for items to be rented together.

Rental transfers and routes

This feature enables companies to perform transfers between two different rental locations or sites and it could also include the cost associated with the movement. System can enable user to mention the routes associated with each transfer to capture the details of every movement.

Maintenance scheduling

Asset maintenance management is an important aspect in the rental industry. Annata 365 can be used as one solution for the complete maintenance of your asset. Multiple service schedules can be created based on both usage and the period and they can be associated with rental assets. For example, the equipment may need to be serviced once every 6 months or for every 5000 km. The recurrence of the service schedule can be set according to the customer requirement. The system automatically notifies the user during each service due date and hence reduced downtime due to fewer unexpected breakdowns.

Rental invoice and rental rates

The system processes multiple invoices quickly and pushes the postings directly into your sales or purchase ledger. Bill the customers effectively by period (Monthly/weekly/Daily/) or by usage (Km/Hr.) or even by the combination of both.

For example- Bill the customer a fixed charge for every month. But the customer can use the equipment only for 1000 km a month, anything in excess will be charged additionally. Automated invoicing dates handling, and invoicing based on the patterns of working days agreed specifically with each customer.

Rental rate templates determines how the rate will behave within a rental contract, This provides a great flexibility for the users to charge the customers based on different rate brackets such as 1-day rate / 2-day rate / 1-week rate / monthly rate / yearly rate depending upon the rental period.

Rent to own

The customer can opt to own the rental asset by the end of the lease period. The ‘Sell device’ feature in the rental order automatically disposes the fixed asset ( if the equipment is a fixed asset in the system) and sell-off the equipment to the customer by the end of the leasing period. During the active rental period the system automatically generates the monthly depreciation figures by setting the depreciation percentage against the rental item.

Cross-hire / re-rent

There are cases when the company rents equipment from a third-party vendor and re-rent it back to the end customer. The system seamlessly handling these situations by simultaneously creating a purchase agreement to periodically pay the vendor and on other hand invoices are issued to the customer from the rental contract.

Stand-down invoicing

In some cases customer can not use the equipment for days due to bad weather conditions or unexpected break down. Annata 365 provides flexibility to not invoice the customer during these unutilized periods. Annata intelligently calculates the final rental rate for full period by deducting the stand down days.

Graphical scheduling

Quick and easy drag-drop calendar to graphically view all the reservations against the Rental devices according to filter and group by criteria in header. The filter area in header is used to filter and find rental devices depending on different criteria such Location, Rental asset group, Class and Model.

Transportation charges

The system effectively enables users to set up multiple transport charges and prioritize them based on specific ranking. These charges are generated and recalculated automatically during the creation, delivery or return of the rental orders.

Rental asset locator

The Rental device locator lets you track and save the movement of any rental asset from one rental location to another enabling the users to accurately track the moment and location of rental asset.

Analytics and dashboards.

The interactive Business intelligence report empowers end users with a complete 360- degree view of rental asset information. The users can now slice, dice, drill down, analyze and interact with all vital rental KPIs and metrics.

The solution provides an out of box well designed role-based dashboards to effectively collaborate between different user roles within rental department.

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