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Warranty management is a large-scale process for vehicle manufacturers. Covering the process from suppliers, through dealers and end customers, the large amount of data brings the possibility of errors in various levels. Every dealer and manufacturer have their own processes for managing warranty claims and data, but often the systems in place do not deliver consistent or accurate data. With the high number of parts, quantity manufactured, and complexity of the vehicles, it is unavoidable that there will be component failures from time-to-time. The ability to differentiate between expected breakdowns and systemic failures is essential to streamlining the warranty process and data flow. 

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While on the surface, the process flow of warranty data seems simple and straightforward, underneath the surface the variance and disparity with which the data is collected, reported, and analyzed results in deep complexity (The Warranty Process Flow Within the Automotive Industry, Center for Automotive Research). The process by which warranty data is collected and reported changes from dealer to dealer, and it is likely that OEMs will need to be prepared to handle warranty claims from both authorized dealers as well as independent technicians. Accurate and preemptive monitoring of warranty data across all touchpoints allow manufacturers to address and control escalating warranty costs. Recent IBM Institute for Business Value Research showed that on average, Automotive OEMs spent 2% of their annual revenue on paying warranty claims, but total warranty costs including operations, were closer to 3%. 

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Frequently, OEMs overlook warranty processes as a key to win future customers and increase customer satisfactionand instead view the warranty process as just a necessary manufacturing process. Collecting warranty data can provide OEMs with the ability to better forecast parts usage at dealers and ensure that dealers are able to meet repair demands, thus decreasing the chance for delays in repair and increasing customer satisfaction. Managing and tracking all warranty policies for each component also enables customers and service centers to check warranty eligibility prior to starting repairs, avoiding confusion and unnecessary warranty claims. 

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The most effective warranty management solutions help businesses to effectively manage warranty claims by providing: 

  • Automatic warranty claim validation 
  • Supports service and recall campaigns 
  • Effortless management of outbound and inbound warranty claims 
  • Standardized and extended warranty features 
  • Fully functional connection to work orders 
  • Supports preliminary invoicing and pre work approval 
  • Smooth part return and replacement processes 
  • Seamless integration to dealer portal and other external interfaces 

Annata 365 is an industry vertical solution for organizations who Import, distribute, sell and service vehicles. Annata’s AI powered warranty management software enables dealers, suppliers, and OEMs to streamline warranty processes, reduce warranty costs, improve collaboration among all stakeholders, and enhance customer satisfaction. Click here to find out what makes Annata 365 the best warranty claim management solution. 

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