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Digitally Transforming the Automotive, Heavy Equipment and Medical Devices Industry Globally

Annata is a Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV) with experience in building and delivering cradle-to-grave information technology solutions since 2001. As one of a handful of top Microsoft GISVs, Annata provides Microsoft preferred solutions that are deeply embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem. Through the collaborations between Annata and Microsoft, an agile and flexible industry business platform that supports the digitization and automation of data and business processes was made possible.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), mobility, and business intelligence capabilities are delivered with Cloud-based solutions that are built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and utilizes the Microsoft Power platform. The company supports the transformation to the Cloud of existing operations and processes to adapt to and embrace innovative technologies like IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Annata’s solutions allow for holistic tracking of devices’ lifecycles with a 360-degree view of devices and the creation of a complete end-to-end digital customer experience. Designed with Cloud scalability and agility in mind, back-end processes for manufacturing, assembly, import and distribution as well as front end processes for leasing, rental and retail management are efficiently managed.

With the company’s industry knowledge and experience, Annata has been successful in working with manufacturers, distributors, dealers, rental companies, and fleet operators from various industries. Industries with tailor-made business solutions include passenger vehicles, heavy trucks, construction equipment, agriculture equipment, light rail transit, material handling equipment, medical devices, and many more. Here is what our customers have to say about our solutions.

Iceland’s largest integrated vehicle and equipment distributor replaces legacy system

Brimborg, Iceland´s largest integrated vehicle and equipment distributor with a history of steady expansion had been running their business with a legacy system since 1986. This was gradually found to inhibit further growth. When the financial crisis hit in 2007, there were thousands of vehicles that could not be sold. With the agile and scalable solution from Microsoft and Annata, the company could swiftly innovate and future-proof their business by launching a new rental business model within a few weeks. Efficiency in the business increased with sales figures obtainable in real-time. The company went from non-rental to one of the biggest rental companies in Iceland and was awarded the best rental company in the country in 2018. The company now aims to deliver a rental vehicle in less than 4 minutes, return the vehicle within 30 seconds and turn the car around to a new rental within 12 minutes.

A Mexican subsidiary of an international motor company transforms business processes for a digital future

The Mexican subsidiary provides motorcycles, spare parts, golf carts and generators to its network dealers and spare parts shops. The company utilized multiple legacy systems that were around 20 years old that provided minimal control of its processes. The management required an integrated system that was consistent and easily manageable. The implementation of Annata 365 and Dynamics 365 provided Annata and Microsoft’s unified solution provided the company with a range of business data in real time for analysis at a reduced time rate. This provided the organization with crucial improvements in its management reporting.

An automotive manufacturer launches an innovative business model to move into Product-as-a-Service in Brazil

An automotive manufacturer chose Annata 365 with Dynamics 365 to provide a new business model into a developing automotive market in Brazil. This innovative solution allows customers to experience the brand as a service – a new way of car ownership to consumers with short-term and long-term subscription payments. With consumers beginning to opt for more sustainable forms of consumption, the Product-as-a-Service model is more favourable compared to its conventional car ownership methods. To roll out the subscription-based plan, the organization needed to provide its customers with a unique experience by enabling customers to execute a fully digital contract without leaving the comfort of their home. Annata set out to achieve these goals by offering a solution that combines Microsoft Cloud services. With its first phase successfully launched in early 2020, the organization found itself ready to weather the global shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the organization provides a seamless and reliable subscription-based service.

A Japanese equipment manufacturer builds out service revenues through a unified global system

The Japanese company manufactures, sells, and rents construction machinery. The company planned to take advantage of the increased value attached to after-sales activities but found that current disparate systems limited the ability to react quickly and propagate best practices with agility. By replacing their current systems in each location with Annata 365 and Dynamics 365 in a controlled global roll-out, the company was able to bring new business models to the market much faster. They were able to apply best practices in-country across their subsidiaries overnight. Once a competitive inhibitor, the company’s system transitioned into a powerful corporate system that allowed rapid delivery of new business models. For instance, a new rental model that would typically take a year to deliver and must be tailored by country according to the local system was rolled out in six weeks with extremely limited customization required.

Annata offers functionality that helps businesses deal with industry pains – transforming challenges into success stories. Annata’s enterprise-ready solutions enable digital transformations in organizations to take place efficiently. This benefits companies that are looking to adopt new business models such as the transformation from monolithic legacy systems to the Cloud, Product-as-a-Service, and rental service, in order to maintain a long-term competitive position in the market. As the world shifts into the trend of embracing digital platforms, it becomes a necessity for businesses to innovate smarter with more insight to make informed decisions. Stay ahead of competition by transforming data into intelligence and make sense of the unknown.

About Annata

With over 20 years of experience as an independent solution provider (ISV) for the Automotive and Equipment industries, Annata provides solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business application platform. Annata 365 is a next-generation unified technology solution that helps manufacturers, distributors, dealers, rental companies, and fleet operators overcome industry disruption and challenges. Annata helps businesses in transforming existing operations and processes to adapt to and embrace new opportunities through technologies like IoT, ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Cloud-based services. By collaborating with the teams at Microsoft, Annata maintains a strong expertise on the Microsoft platform and continues to provide innovative solutions, strong services, and unparalleled value to our customers.

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