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Annata Business Intelligence solution

Annata Analytics business solutions with the Microsoft Power Platform empower organizations in the automotive, equipment and medical device industries to make data driven decisions to help increase the operational efficiency of your business.

The solutions are created focusing on the needs of end users to meet some of the most common needs within our target industries whilst also allowing for extensions to fit a variety of business processes within an organization.


Visually analyse high-level information and KPI’s. Designed to help business leaders review performance and make critical business decisions quickly.

Enable sales representatives and teams to track and manage the sales pipeline, identify potential leads, and set forecasts based on data such as sales team performance, sales by region, sales profit margin, customer settlement, lost sales, and many more.

Analyse the performance of vehicles, equipment, parts and/or devices. Customize the information that needs monitoring and provide near-real time reporting to achieve operational efficiency.

Track and monitor the lifecycle of each vehicle, equipment, part and/or device from purchase to sale at the summary and operational levels

Gain rapid insights into stock quantity, inventory turnover, outstanding orders and ensure optimal efficiency in inventory management.

Get a complete 360-degree view of all rental asset information, monitor rental operations, and analyze rental turnovers for a single and multiple locations.

Monitor warranty KPI’s and get a holistic view of the entire warranty lifecycle to understand product performance, optimize service workflows and provide better customer satisfaction.


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