Increase mobile inspections productivity, drive mobility and consistency with the A365 Inspections.

annata365 Inspections solution

annata365 Inspections is an app that enables businesses to manage and run any inspections commonly performed in import, sales, rental and service for vehicles, heavy equipment, or other types of valuable or complex equipment. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform and aligned with the Microsoft Common Data Model for Automotive, annata365 Inspections brings technical excellence, business insight, productivity, and compliance to the inspections process with minimal investment or risk.

Seamlessly integrated into annata365 Sales and annata365 Field Service apps, this simple inspections app drives digital transformation of online and offline inspection processes in the automotive and equipment industry. Annata’s app helps businesses to improve efficiency and reduce cost to optimize profits in the long haul.  


Manage and perform inspections with or without a device as the subject. Record observations for devices during inspection or whenever needed.

Define checkpoints support actions such as simple yes/no, pass or fail, user defined option lists, read from device meters, or take photos and videos. Define checklists quickly and consistently from reusable checkpoints.

Set rules to reduce risk and effort and drive compliance by guiding users during inspection entry.

The faults and observations identified during the inspections can be easily converted to a service order and rectified immediately.

Digitize device mobile inspection. Collect inspection results in the field using a smartphone or tablet. Finish the inspection by reviewing the outcome of the inspection checkpoints, adding notes if needed and providing your signature.

Annata Analytics enables dealers with a complete multidimensional view of the dealership, allowing service managers to slice, dice, drill down, analyze, interact and make ironclad decisions for successful engagements and increased customer satisfaction.

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