Improve efficiency, reliability, and profitability of the service process for any vehicle or equipment

Annata 365 Service Solution

Knowledge drawn from working with leading industry experts along with years of experience in the industry has enabled Annata to offer solutions that optimize business performance for players in the automotive and equipment industries. Built on a powerful Microsoft platform that is easy to configure, extend or connect to the Annata 365 Service provides rich and extensive support for service processes.

The Annata 365 Service solution improves efficiency, reliability, and profitability of the service process through advanced support for industry-specific requirements. By ensuring appropriate procedures are followed and the right materials are used according to OEM guidelines, warranties are maintained, and each device will experience increased value with minimal downtime.

Annata 365 Service supports real-time synchronization with Annata 365 Finance and Operations out-of-the-box. Replace disconnected, paper-based processes with the solution’s mobile application to bring the benefits of digital transformation to service and inspection professionals.

Field Service app

Annata 365 Field Service extends tried and true Microsoft business solutions with deep industry specific service capabilities centered around devices that are typically expensive with complex service needs. Annata 365 Field Service is about servicing every device that the customer operates to minimize downtime, maintain warranty, and maximize the value of each device over its entire life cycle.

The built-in customer-centric solution places the organization at the center of all service interactions, allowing companies to retain loyalty and advocacy of customers. Field service app increases businesses productivity through its tools for automation and delivery of reliable services using advanced analytics, machine learning and IoT capabilities.

Annata 365 Field Service Demo

Service Center app

The solution is a modern, scalable, cloud-based management solution tailor-made for businesses in this digital age. The Annata solution draws from years of experience and best practice knowledge gained from working with leading industry experts to optimize the business performance of users.

 The Annata automotive platform covers industry specific data and business processes throughout the entire lifecycle of the device and creates a customer centric approach in all areas of the services and maintenance required of devices. This provides a robust foundation for fully integrated solutions that help businesses transform existing operations and processes and embrace new opportunities through technological innovations.


Equip mechanics and operators with 360-degree information to detect issues in real-time, troubleshoot issues remotely and resolve problems while keeping customers informed of every interaction of the service.

An interactive schedule board helps dispatchers assign service orders to the best resources based on location, availability, skill set, priority, and so on. The schedule board is extensible and can be used to schedule anything within Dynamics 365 for customer engagement, including service orders, sales orders, projects, and custom entities.

The configuration and tracking of jobs and associated operations during service execution enables more accurate service process guidance and OEM reporting capability when dealing with heavy machines, vehicles, or other complex devices.


Clock in or out of individual jobs in a service order using a simple mobile app. The resulting timesheets can be reviewed and adjusted if needed, and additional entries can be entered on non-service related tasks such as leave, admin work, and so on.

Everything needed for warranty claims can be registered on a service order in the solution’s app. Failure codes, symptom codes, cause codes and resolution codes can be configured and associated with the multi-brand, multi-level branding hierarchy to help users understand which codes apply when and where. Warranty claims can be recorded and associated with a given service order and device.

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