Enhance the communication between dealers, importers and manufacturers.

Annata 365 Dealer Portal Solution

The Annata 365 Dealer portal is a web interface into the Annata Dynamics 365 system maintained by an importer or manufacturer which allows dealers to create, monitor and maintain transactions directly with the importer or manufacturer.

Our Annata 365 Dealer Portal covers a wide array of business processes that work seamlessly together with Annata Dynamics 365. The solution facilitates:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Engagement between automotive dealerships and today‘s consumers


Getting the right parts at the right time to the right place is a primary goal and capability of the system. With its deep integration with electronic parts catalogs, advanced AI enhanced search capabilities and beautiful user interface design, dealer efficiency is greatly improved.

The Dealer Portal Parts application provides the following capabilities: i) Parts ordering; ii) Dealer stock for parts; iii) Parts returns; iv) Parts invoices; v) Segregation of pricing based on dealer type; vi) Parts supersession  & BoM handling; vii) Products catalog; and viii) Parts inquiry.

Dealer Portal - Parts ordering management

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Annata Dealer Portal Parts Ordering Process (Demo)


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