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annata365 Sales solution

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Annata’s solution provides extended capabilities, industry-specific business processes, data models, and functionalities for sales and marketing teams working in automotive or equipment industries, supporting multiple brands and locations. annata365 Sales is natively aligned with the Microsoft Common Data Model for Automotive. Analytics with rich filtering options and drill-down capabilities provide business users with a self-service business intelligence platform to use in their day-to-day business.

In annata365 Sales, the following information can be provided additionally to the standard lead information in Dynamics 365 for Sales:  Business and Brand hierarchy, Device details, Customer 360, and others. Furthermore, the app includes a predefined business process flow for lead generation and qualification. The solution empowers employees to take advantage of the industry-data for decision making and reduces the need for requests to IT for creation of reports. Trigger and automate data driven engagement at the right time with the right product in the customer journey to increase customer satisfaction, retention, and continued business.


Lead to opportunity process

Through lead management process, the follow-up with a new prospect can be monitored, assigned to the proper teams or salespeople, and tied to marketing automation for professional, automated communications. Once a lead is qualified as an opportunity it represents a potential sale and can be tracked through a sales process to completion. Estimating the value and closing dates of opportunities provides a sales pipeline forecast.

Ensure efficient test drives

annata365 Sales app comes with powerful test drive capabilities that empower salespeople to deliver consistent and coordinated test drive experiences to their current and potential customers. The test drive process is connected to Lead Management and Opportunity Management. The solution’s capability to trigger automatic workflows includes assignment of test drives, reminders to customers and customer satisfaction surveys.

Use Deal Management to sell devices, add-ons, manage trade ins and financing contracts between the dealership and customers. When using Deal Management, you have an overview of all cost and revenue information including total margins. Conveniently send the deals as quotes to your customers for negotiations, revisions, and approvals.

Pre-delivery and trade-in inspections

The annata365 Sales has built-in support for inspections and reviews required throughout the sales process. For more information, please refer to the annata365 Inspection page.

annata365 Sales uses standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 products catalog to manage prices for devices, variants, model codes and add-ons such as accessories, services, warranties, or insurance. Prices can also be set directly for individual devices, which helps in situations such as used vehicle sales or trade-in processes where a separate product for each device is not desired.

Sell devices from inventory

Use Sales Assistant to browse through your inventory of devices. Sales assistant will use the branding hierarchy and business operation specified on the opportunity as predefined filters. Filters can also be modified through the filtering icon on the top right of the Sales Assistant.

Enjoy a customer database that intuitively captures all information in an entire customer’s journey including history of activities and engagements, overview of related devices, test drives, service appointments, and many more.

Customer 360 data insights

A365 Sales - Mobile and tablet app

Conveniently carry out different tasks on-the-go such as add new customer information, customer search, handle pick-up and return of test drives, and many more. 

A365 Sales - Business insights and analytics

Dashboards provide overview and tracking of processes at different levels in the organization.


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