Optimize the warranty handling process and increase the warranty revenue with A365 Warranty.

annata365 Warranty solution

annata365 is an industry vertical solution for organizations who import, distribute, sell and service vehicles, machinery, heavy equipment, and medical devices. Developed on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the data driven business platform covers industry specific needs throughout the entire lifecycle of the device and creates a customer centric approach in all areas of the business. The device is tracked from cradle to grave in A365 Device management. With Annata’s years of industrial experience, the solution is uniquely and specifically designed for the different industries.

Warranty claims management is a critical business operation. It comprises multiple steps such as warranty applicability, root cause analysis, fault codes, symptoms code, resolution code and more, to validate the claims raised. It also involves the identification of faulty parts that should be returned and replaced by the OEMs and applicability of supplier chargebacks.


The inbound claim is used to handle the reimbursement fee between the dealer and the importer. There are respective claim status (e.g., Created, Revise, Review, Pre-approval, Pre-approval confirmation, Decline and Confirm) and invoice status (None, Invoiced) that can be easily tracked in the claims.

The outbound claim is used to handle the reimbursement fee between the importer and the manufacturer. annata365 Warranty allow users to receive subsequent status updates on the progress of the entire claim process.

Create seamless approval workflows for inbound claims and assign each task to specific personnel on the allocation setting.

Advanced validation rules are used to validate the various fields populated in the claim form. The validation rules can be pre-defined in the system by claim operators based on business requirements of your organization to better serve your needs.

Validation rules can be configured to minimize the claim’s error for web claim submission, inbound claim confirmation and outbound claim confirmation.

Manage incoming and outgoing warranty claims with annata365. All warranty transactions from inbound claims will be automatically copied into the outbound claim to avoid manual re-keying effort. The variance between the initial claim amount and actual claim amount can be tracked in the respective warranty claim.  

Job lists are standard templates that are pre-defined with estimated repair hours (within the guidelines of manufacturer) and parts required to successfully complete a service job. The parts involved in the warranty repair jobs are directly linked to the repair codes and are auto populated into the claim lines.

annata365 Warranty supports the parts return or parts claim when a faulty part is found. The parts return or claim process can be created as an inbound claims by the dealer in the web portal, and outbound claims can be created to charge the manufacturer, insurance, or transport company for the damaged parts.

Automation of the warranty claim approval process can be configured with validation rule checks. This updated process can be configured to be an internal recurrence at a specific time such as 5pm daily, etc.

The solution has an inbuilt warranty claims integration framework that provides the structure needed to seamlessly exchange warranty information between Annata and OEMs’ warranty system or a third-party solution. There is also a web-based dealer portal that seamlessly integrates with annata365. All independent dealers can use the portal for warranty & recall inquires.

File can be generated from the created claim with minor configurations to expedite the integration to external system.

The interactive business intelligence report empowers end users with a complete 360- degree view of warranty information. Users can slice, dice, drill down, analyze and interact with all vital warranty KPIs and metrics (such as completion rates on recalls, vehicle down time days, average approval time based on warranty type, etc.). Predictive analytics backed by AI provides system with unique potential to scour through piles of warranty claim data and proactively notify customers on potential future failure.

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