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Saracakis achieved huge cost-saving measures with the implementation of Annata solutions.

Saracakis, a group which imports, distributes a broad range of automotive and machinery products from over 20 world- renowned brands.

Even with its long-established and respected business of importing and distributing cars, trucks, buses and machinery from brands such as Volvo, Honda, Mitsubishi, Fiat and other renowned companies, Saracakis was not immune to the severe financial crisis that had begun to sweep through Greece in 2008.

When sales plummeted it launched a long-planned IT upgrade, involving Microsoft Dynamics AX and Annata Dynamics IDMS solutions, which integrated its diverse operations, reduced costs and underpinned a restructuring needed to overcome the economic downturn.


Support For Restructuring.

The primary challenge in IT and management was that the organization found itself operating 12 software solutions on three platforms with separate systems for many divisions.

“When we had different systems and different suppliers the cost was really high,” says Stamatis Chondroudakis, Information Services Manager at Saracakis.


Accelerated Information Flows With Dealers & Enhanced Business Intelligence.

The Introduction of Annata’s solutions began in the import and distribution operation division to improve communication and processes with suppliers and vendors. After five months the implementation was rescheduled to reflect a new Saracakis management decision to merge its import businesses into one.

“Generally we are very happy, and we have improved a lot of procedures. One of the most important improvements was to the communications between dealers and Saracakis, previously done only by telephone,” says Chondroudakis. “We now have the option to share more of the information with our dealers, and they have online information about orders, stock… everything they need to know about the business,” he adds.


A Streamilined Consolidation of Various Systems.

Saracakis is seeing strong business intelligence benefits throughout its operations and has reaped large financial benefits from the project investment:

  • Improved business process
  • Support for restructuring
  • Accelerated Information flow with dealers
  • Enhanced business intelligence

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